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The Delivery


THE DELIVERY. The delivery to the carrier of goods or property for shipment may be for mal or constructive, but there must be a delivery and acceptance of the goods. Where by a custom or usage the shipper has been allowed to place the goods on the platform at the station, such delivery is sufficient to bind the carrier, but in the absence of such a custom it is held that the placing of an article on the platform will not charge the company for any injury to it while there and before shipment. (Grosvenor v. N. Y. Cent. Ry. Co., 39 N. Y. 34; Louisville R. Co. v. Flanagan, 113 Ind. 488.) Delivery to the driver of an express wagon collecting goods is a good delivery to the company, but a delivery to the clerk outside the express office was held not to be a good delivery. (Browne Bail. ioi.)