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When Princi Pal May Rightfully Revoke


WHEN PRINCI PAL MAY RIGHTFULLY REVOKE. The prin cipal may rightfully revoke the agent's authority, though given for a definite time, where he proves in competent to perform the undertaking. It is one of the implied covenants of every contract of agency that the agent shall possess sufficient skill and ability to per form the employment which he assumes, and for a fail ure of this covenant the principal may revoke the authority, free from liability for so doing. Otherwise if the principal has knowingly employed an incompe tent person.

So for any misconduct or misfeasance on the part of the agent connected with the principal's business, as well as for wanton violations of moral or municipal law, the principal may rightfully revoke the agent's author ity before the expiration of the term. And the prin cipal having the right to direct the method in which the undertaking shall be conducted, disobedience on the part of the agent, and failure to obey and follow reason able instructions will justify a revocation of authority. (Dieringer v. Meyer, 42 Wis. 311; Chicago, Etc., R. R. Co. v. Bayfield, 37 Mich. 205.)