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When the Liability


WHEN THE LIABILITY CEASES.The innkeeper's liability continues only while the rela tion of landlord and guest continues, and terminates when it ceases, except towards the baggage of the guest, as to which his liability continues for a reasonable time to effect its removal. (Miller v. Peeples, 6o Miss. 819; Adams v. Clem, 41 Ga. 65; Bendetson v. French, 46 N. Y. 266.) If the baggage is left any considerable period the liability changes to that of an ordinary bailee, but where the guest left at noon, leaving instructions to send his trunk by the four o'clock boat, and it was lost by sending it to the wrong boat, the innkeeper's stricter liability was held to continue and to make him respon sible for the loss. (Giles v. Fauntleroy, 13 Md. 126.)