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Who Are Guests


WHO ARE GUESTS. Any- person. who visits an inn for the purpase of receiving lodging and entertainment, with no illegal purpose in view, is a guest. One becomes a guest by entering- the inn and registering his name, or by depositing property', with the intention of staying and eating ancl sleeping at the inn. And it is held that the relation begins when the traveler hands his check to a porter at the station and enters the proper stage for the inn. (Browne, Bail ments, 77; Coskery v. Nagle, 83 Ga. 696.) The liability of the innkeeper depending on the re lation of landlord and guest, he is not liable as such, where persons are attending a ball given by a fire com pany and leave articles with the servants to be cared for; and in the absence of negligence he will not be lia ble if such articles are lost. (Carter v. Hobbs, 12 Mich. 52.) So, one staying at an inn on a special contract by the week or month becomes a boarder, and is in no sense a traveler or guest, and his goods are protected only by the ordinary rules of bailees. Thoug-h it is held. that it is not the mere fact of his paying- by the week or the length of his stay- that distinguishes him as a boarder, rather than a guest; the important test being, is, or is he not, receiving entertainment as a transient in cumbent, with the right to leave at any- time.

Residents of a town boarding regularly at a hotel are not guests. (Schouler, Bailments, Sec. 256; John son v. Reynolds, 3 Kans. 257.) Neither is a person who, living in the town, takes lodging at the inn for an immoral purpose. (Curtis v. Murphy, 63 Wis. 4.) A traveler becomes a guest as soon as he enters the inn, or even before, and it is not necessary for him to remain and take lodging to charge the innkeeper, the taking of dinner, purchasing a drink, and the like have been held to constitute one a guest. (Read v. Amidon, 41 Vt. 15; McDonald v. Edgerton, 5 Barb. 56o.)

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