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Presentment for Payment of Coupon Bonds Transfer


TRANSFER, PRESENTMENT FOR PAYMENT OF COUPON BONDS. Coupon bonds may be made payable to order and trans ferred by indorsement, but they are ordinarily pay able to bearer and transferred by delivery. (City of Lexington v. Butler, 15 Wall., 295; Roberts v. Bowles, rot U. S., 122.) A party indorsing a coupon bond assumes the same liability as the indorser of other commercial paper, and both indorser and transferor by delivery warrant the genuineness of the bond, and would be held respon Bible for the consideration received if the bond was forged. (Smith v. McNair, 19 Kans., 330.) For the purpose of fixing the liability of an indorser the coupons must be presented at maturity, and within a reasonable time after maturity to hold a guarantor. (Bonner v. New Orleans, 2 Woods C. C., 135; Arents v. Commonwealth, i8 Gratt., 773.) Otherwise the coupons need not be presented on the day of maturity to hold the principal obligors on the coupons. (Mayor v. Patomac Ins. Co., 58 Tenn., 296.) And interest may be recovered with out presentment at maturity, unless the corporation should show that it was ready to pay the coupon at the stipulated place. (Walnut v. Wade, 103 U. S., 683; North Penn. R. R. Co. v. Adams, 54 Pa. St., 97.) The coupons represent the interest on the bond until maturity, after maturity the bond itself draws interest if not paid. The coupon, if not paid at maturity, draws interest, and may be recovered by the holder with exchange, where exchange could be recovered on bills and notes. (Jeffersonville v Patterson, 26 Ind., 16; Tiedeman, Com. Pap., Sec.


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