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What the Certificate of Protest Should


WHAT THE CERTIFICATE OF PROTEST SHOULD CONTAIN.The protest certificate should contain a copy of the bill or the bill itself annexed; a statement of the parties for whom and against whom the instrument is pro tested; the date of protest and the place where made; a statement that acceptance or payment was demanded by the notary; the terms of the answer, if any, or a statement that no answer was given, or that the drawee or acceptor could not be found; a claim for protection from the parties liable, and the signature and seal of the notary making the protest. (Brooks' Notary, 4th ed., p. 82.) A bill must be protested at the place where it is dishonored, but if the domicile and place of pay ment are different it may be protested at either place. (Tiedeman, Corn. Pap., Sec. 323.) When the laws are in conflict, the validity of the protest will be determined by the law of the place where it is made. (Carter v. Burley, 9 N. H., 558.)