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When a Check May Be Re Voked


WHEN A CHECK MAY BE RE VOKED. Death or bankruptcy of the drawer is held to revoke the authority of a banker to pay a check. Thus a check given by the drawer in con templation of death must be presented for payment by the donee before the drawer's death in order to entitle the donee to receive the amount as a gift in contemplation of death. (Benj.'s Chalmers, B. N. & C., Art. 262,) This is the same rule applicable to bills, since there is no consideration for the making of the promise. Where the check is sup ported by a valuable consideration it is not revoked by the death of the drawer. (Burke v. Bishop, 27 La. An., 465; Tate v. Hilbert, 2 Ves. Jr., 118; Benj.'s Chalmers, B. N. & C., Art. 261.)