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The Capsule Method of Artificial Im Pregnation


THE CAPSULE METHOD OF ARTIFICIAL IM PREGNATION also has its champions. This method consists in simply using small gelatine capsules which are filled with semen from the vagina of a mare just served by a stallion and then intro duced at once in the uterus of other mares from which colts are desired. There appears to be no decided prefer ence in favor of either one of these meth ods, but some experience is required be fore the breeder becomes really skillful in the practice of either method.

Artificial impregnation has been used a number of years by hundreds of farm ers and the results thus far obtained are perfectly satisfactory in every re spect. The colts obtained by this meth od are of the usual size and vigor, so that it may be confidently asserted that BO objection from this source may be raised to the system of artificial impreg nation.

The same system has also been used with cattle, dogs and other animals. In the case of registered animals, where the name of the sire must be given, it is simply stated in the herd-book that the animal in question is the result of arti ficial impregnation from such and such a sire. This is a simple solution of the difficulty which occurred in the minds of some breeders regarding the state ment of pedigree in the case of animals bred in this manner.

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