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The Cotton Mule


THE COTTON MULE iS usually not put in the barn till the August after it reaches two years of age. It should re ceive shelled corn, green corn, good hay and soiling crops until November, after which time oats and bran are added, so as to bring the mule to the right finish by January 1, when the market for the cotton mule opens. The central south ern market for sugar mules is New Orleans, but large markets for both classes of mules are found in Chicago, St. Paul, St. Louis, Kansas City, Louis ville, Nashville and many other cities of the Mississippi valley region. In feeding working mules the same mate rials may be used and in the same ra tions as for horses. (See above.) A number of feeding experiments have been carried on with mules and the results may be briefly cited here as sup plementary to the discussion of feeding under horses. Chicken corn proved nearly equal to corn for mules in Mis sissippi. This crop is usually cut green four or five times a year, but it may be worth while to allow it to mature and feed the grain to mules.