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The Curd


THE CURD is then gently stirred for a few minutes and heated slowly to a tem perature of PS or 100 F. keeping it at this temperature for about 40 minutes. If a handful of curd falls apart after being pressed together, it has been cooked long enough. The whey is now drawn off and the curd put into the cheese mold in double handfuls, press ing it down gently until the mold is well filled. For ordinary purposes, the maining under pressure for 24 hours, the cheese is removed and salted with dry salt or brine, the latter being preferable. Cheese may be left for 2% days in a saturated solution of brine.

Comm The cheese is now ready for curing and for this purpose should be placed on a shelf in the cellar. During the curing process it should be turned and rubbed with the hand daily for a week or two, after which twice a week will he often enough. In the process of curing, the cheese should from time to time be wiped with a cloth moistened with warm water. A moist atmosphere and a temperature ranging from 55 to 65 F. are best for satisfactory curing. A cellar not too dry and also not too musty and of an even temperature is therefore quite satisfactory. The curing process requires from two to four months, being shorter if the cheese is salted only slightly. The more the curd is cooked, the slower the process of ripening and the longer the cheese will keep.

cheese and curing