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The Daily Method of Feeding


THE DAILY METHOD OF FEEDING hens at that station is stated by Gowell as lows: "Each pen of 22 received 1 pint of wheat in the deep litter early in the morning. At 9:30 a. m. pint of oats was fed to them in the same way. At 1 1/2 pint of cracked corn was given in the litter as before. At 3 p. in. in winter, and 4 p. m. in summer they were given all the mash they would eat up clean in half an hour.

"The mash was made of the following mixture of meals: 200 pounds wheat bran; 100 pounds corn meal; 100 pounds wheat middlings; 100 pounds linseed meal; 100 pounds gluten meal; 100 pounds of beef scraps. The mash con tained one-fourth of its bulk of clover leaves and heads obtained from the feed ing floor in the cattle barn.

"The clover was covered with hot water and allowed to stand for three or four hours. The mash was made quite dry and rubbed down with the shovel in mixing, so that the pieces of clover were separated and covered with the meal. Cracked bone, oystershell, clean grit and water were before them all of the time. Two large mangels were fed to the birds in each pen daily in winter. They were stuck on a large nail which was partly driven in the wall a foot and a half above the floor. Very few soft shelled eggs were laid and so far as known not an egg has been eaten by the hens dur ing the last five years."

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