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The Fatness


THE FATNESS of the animal and the quantity of butter fat from which oleo oil and stearin are obtained, influences the price to a considerable extent. After hides, it stands as the second most im portant by-product in slaughtered cattle. It was formerly used for tallow, but is now used almost wholly in making oleo products, such as butterine, etc.

Recent legislation has, however, con siderably decreased the demand for but terine; as a consequence, the price of oleo has lessened, making the price of the by-product smaller than it was before. ' The weight of fat from heavy native steers is about 130 pounds, while on me dium native steers, it runs about a pounds, or only half as much, and grad ually decreases with western stock, heifers, cows, and bulls, and in the lat ter case amounting to but 25 pounds.