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The Hog Aieasle


THE HOG AIEASLE woamI is likewise the immature or larval stage of another tapeworm of man, Taenia soliuni. This tapeworm is exceedingly rare as com pared with Taenia saginata and the hog measle worm is correspondingly rare. The hog measle worm is found chiefly in the abdominal muscles, diaphragm, tongue, heart, and muscles of mastica tion. This larval worm not only de velops into a tapeworm in the intestines but may also infest man in the larval or cysticercus stage, causing disease and death. The cysticercus is found in man in the brain, muscles, heart and eyes. In Germany, its occurrence in man has been greatly reduced by means of meat inspection. The hog measle worm, like the beef measle worm, is killed by boil ing or pickling and is, therefore, only in raw pork. Measly pork cannot be ren dered harmless by preservation in cold storage.