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The Horses


THE HORSES kept are both raised and bought. They are all high grade, draft animals and sent to market only in prime condition. "No exercise is given while fitting for market except to lead them out three times a day for water.

fattening period and then stop cheapen ing. Before fattening, the animals are given pasture, corn stalks, clover hay and silage. The steers are fattened when they reach a weight of 1,000 pounds. Several lots of one or more carloads are fed annually, a lot be ing on feed the most of the year. In early winter fattening, each steer is fed 20 to 40 pounds of silage, 1-4 to 1-3 bushel of corn and all the clover hay it will eat. The corn is fed as broken from the stalks, grain, husks and cob all crushed together. In summer fat tening, steers are kept on blue grass pasture and fed about a peck of corn each daily, either crushed or whole on the stalk. The fattening period usually lasts 100 to 120 days, When put on feed to be prepared for market, horses are given all the clover hay they will eat and a gradually in creasing ration of corn and oats till they have all they will eat up clean. In season, green corn is used instead of dry, the change being accomplished by substituting one ear of green corn for one of dry each day." Mares are us ually sold off before they become old unless unusually valuable for breeding.

While this general live stock farming is the most usual kind there can be no doubt that the highest type of live stock farming is represented by the man who grows only pure bred stock. We may therefore, well consider that subject next, following it by other special types of live stock farming,

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