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The Large Improved Yorkshire


THE LARGE IMPROVED YORKSHIRE iS fully as large as the Chester White and represents the longest breed of hogs we have, though they are not so broad as the Chester Whites and do not generally grow to such heavy weights. They are especially suitable for the production of bacon, have good strong legs, are ex cellent rustlers, impart a vigorous con stitution to their offspring and are of great value in crossing on over-refined stock. The sows are prolific and good worth. The Tamworth resembles the large Improved Yorkshire, being practi cally equal to it in size.

They are a long-bodied, long-legged hog, of a red or chestnut color, and es pecially suitable for the production of bacon. They possess great vigor and stamina, and impart these characteris tics when crossed upon other breeds. They mature fully as rapidly as the larger breed of lard hogs when heavily fed. They are the equal of any breeds in grazing qualities and give good re sults under a forced feeding. The pro portion of lean to fat meat in this breed is usually high, which makes the pork and bacon produced of superior quality. No breed surpasses them in prolificacy.

mothers, being probably superior in these respects to the Chester Whites.

As compared with the Chester Whites, they have somewhat longer heads with face dished, more pronounced jowl, longer sides, with less girth in proportion to length, and are slightly larger in limb, and rather more active.

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