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The Pigs Intended for Breeding


THE PIGS INTENDED FOR BREEDING pur poses should be fed nutritious growing rations, consisting of pasture, skim milk and some of the more nitrogenous grains or mill feeds. They need plenty of ex ercise and fresh air and such rations as will keep them growing well without the production of an excessive amount of fat. They must be kept growing. A pig stunted in growth never satisfac torily recovers. The object in the case of breeding stock is to build up a strong framework, good, healthy, well-developed vital organs and digestive system. The boars should be kept separate from the sows after the third or fourth month of age. All pigs, whether for breeding purposes or for pork, need grain while at pasture. Skim milk is not so essen course, during the first few weeks of growth, they will not make so large a gain as this, but towards the end of the feeding period they should gain much more than this.