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The Quantity of Manure Produced


THE QUANTITY OF MANURE PRODUCED and its value varies greatly with different animals. It has been estimated by Arms by that a horse requires about 2500 pounds of straw for bedding purposes per year, and that this, with the normal amount of manure produced, will, under favorable conditions, result in about 6 tons of fresh manure, but ordinarily hot more than 5 tons, and under unfav orable conditions, as where only one horse is kept, or the manure infrequently hauled away, perhaps not more than tons. Heiden estimates that 100 pounds of dry matter consumed by a horse will yield about 210 pounds of fresh manure. The same amount with a cow will produce 384 pounds of manure, in cluding urine. Sheep produce about 183 pounds for 100 pounds of dry matter consumed. A hog produces from 8 to 12 pounds of manure a day, or from to 2 tons a year.

The following table is based on results secured at the New York Cornell station and shows the average amount of manure produced per day by animals fed liberally and given sufficient bedding to keep them clean, calculated to a uniform basis of 1,000 pounds live weight :