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The Skin Form of Glanders


THE SKIN FORM OF GLANDERS, also know as farcy, is chiefly character ized by the presence of numerous swell ings in the lymphatic glands just be neath the skin of various parts of the body but particularly of the legs. The farcy buttons, as they are called, may be accompanied with a general swelling of the affected parts. In stallions the testi cles usually become swollen during the early stage of the disease.

These different forms of glanders, as already indicated, are not distinct dis eases but may all appear in one and the same case. During the progress of the disease the liver, spleen, kidneys, pan creas and various other organs may be attacked in addition to the lungs, lym phatic glands, skin and mucous lining of the nose.

IN ORDINARY CASES OF GLANDERS a dry cough is noticed, especially after exer cise or after pressure on the throat. This cough is to be distinguished from that of ordinary colds or other diseases by the fact that it persists indefinitely. The submaxillary glands are usually swollen and very sensitive. These glands may be felt by pressing against the in side of the lower jawbone from the un der side of the throat. In health the submaxillary glands are soft and not readily recognizable by the touch; when attacked by glanders they become hard, knotty and slip back and forth under pressure. The swelling of the submax illary glands is one of the symptoms by means of which the disease is diagnosed.

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