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The Trichina


THE TRICHINA is a minute, parasitic round worm about 0.04 of an inch in length. It occurs in two forms, muscle and intestinal The muscle trichina' occur in pork and may infest man through raw pork, causing disease and death in 10 to 40 per cent of cases. The trichina occurs in the hog, dog, cat, bear, fox, badger, martin and rat. The hog becomes infested by eating rats, and man by eating pork. The frequency of infestation in hogs varies greatly but averages perhaps 1 to 3 per cent. Natu rally outbreaks of trichinosis in man occur most frequently where the most raw pork is eaten. The symptoms are sometimes mistaken for those of typhoid fever. Children are less seriously af fected than adults. Neither refrigera tion nor decomposition of the meat has any effect on trichina. They are read ily killed by cooking the meat or by salt pickling it for four weeks. There is no danger fron trichina in well cooked pork.