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The Work Broadening in Scope


THE WORK BROADENING IN SCOPE While the work of the Bureau hereto fore has been chiefly concerned in safe guarding the health of American live stock, it is each year broadening the scope of its activities. At the present time it is undertaking, in co-operation with the Colorado experiment station, to originate an American breed of car riage horses, based upon American stock. Extensive investigations are also being made, in co-operation with the Pennsyl vania station, to ascertain the funda mental principles in the feeding of farm animals.

In this work the actual feeding values of different crops is being determined. Amounts are fed in an expensive piece of apparatus so delicately constructed that the energy expended in chewing and digesting the food can be accurately measured. This work, though slow and expensive, should in time give us ac curate feeding standards, in place of the very unsatisfactory standards in use at the present time. Poultry breeding experiments in co-operation with the Maine station, and beef breeding and feeding experiments in co-operation with the Alabama stations, are also being carried on.