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The Wyandotte


THE WYANDOTTE stands next in im portance to the Plymouth Rock in pop ularity. They are a much later developed breed than the Plymouth Rock and are somewhat more blocky in shape. They are especially sought after for the production of broilers. For utility pur poses they may be regarded as the equal of the Plymouth Rock. The farmer who selects either of these breeds will make no mistake. There are Black, Buff, Golden, Partridge, Silver and White varieties, the White Wyandotte being most popular. The chicks are exceed ingly hardy and mature early. The hens are excellent sitters and good mothers and as good layers as the Plymouth Rocks. The eggs, however, are not quite so attractive in color or so uniform in shape as those of the Plymouth Rock. being a somewhat lighter shade of brown. The standard weight of cocks is pounds ; cockerels, ; hens, and pullets,