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There Is No Satisfactory Treatment for Glanders


THERE IS NO SATISFACTORY TREATMENT FOR GLANDERS and none should be adopted or permitted. A course of treat ment for glanders adopted by a careless veterinarian or farmer simply results in exposing other horses and men to in fection with a disgusting and incurable disease. The use of mallein in repeated and large doses has sometimes apparently caused a partial or complete cure of glanders after that disease had been thoroughly established. Thus, a num ber of instances of this sort have been reported in England, Canada, the United States and elsewhere. These cases of 'supposed cure, however, are not so numerous as have been thought and many of them have turned out to be merely apparent cures. The system first adopted in Canada, after much serious thought along this line, was to quaran tine all horses which showed a tempo rary reaction after the use of mallein and keep them under observation for a number of years, during which they re ceived other mallein injections. This method, however, has been abandoned and in its place the more satisfactory one has been adopted of killing all glan derous horses as soon as the disease is detected.