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Tile Character of the Hide


TILE CHARACTER OF THE HIDE influences the price of beef cattle, as this is one of the most valuable by-products in the slaughtering business. There are many different grades of hides. The average annual price a hundred pounds in Chi cago for these in 1904 was as follows: Heavy native steers, $11.77; butt branded steers, $10.93; heavy Texas steers, $12.67; light Texas steers, $11.71; heavy Colorado steers, $10.84; heavy na tive cows, $10.63; light native cows, $10.47; branded cows, $10.27; native bulls, $9.12; branded bulls, $8.13. These data show that the most valuable hide is obtained from the heavy Texas steer. The poorest grade is from the branded bull, which is 50 per cent less valuable than from the heavy Texas steer. The average weight of hides runs from 60 to 64 pounds an animal, and the propor tion of hide to live weight from 5 to 5.8 per cent.