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Transportation and Market Ing of Live Stock


TRANSPORTATION AND MARKET ING OF LIVE STOCK The marketing of live stock is the business end of the industry. At what age and in what condition the animal should be marketed, where to market and how to ship to market, are all busi ness questions on the correct answering of which the success of the industry largely depends.

Animals may be marketed at any time from birth to old age. They may be marketed dead or alive. They may be sold to traveling buyers who call at the farm and take the stock away with them.

They may be driven or drawn to the local town market. They may be shipped in crates or carload lots by freight or express to metropolitan markets, or may be shipped in ocean steamers to foreign markets.

In practically all these transactions, the shipper is dependent upon other agents in the handling and sale of his stock, and is governed largely by the rules and regulations established by local, state or national authorities, as well as by transportation and stock yard companies, commission men, etc. The function and purpose of these different agents and the shippers' relation to them, will be discussed along with other mat been a profitable one or not. This price must be such as to cover the cost at least of producing the animal, or the grower will soon go out of business.

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