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TURKEYS The turkey is native to America. It is still found wild in many states and the wild gobbler is frequently used for infusing new blood and hardiness into the domesticated varieties. See Fig. 27. page 41 for illustration of a wild tur key gobbler. Tradition and excellence unite in placing the turkey above all other birds desired by the American peo ple for dinner on Thanksgiving day. On this account, the last week in No vember usually marks the highest price for this fowl.

It requires plenty of range to success fully grow turkeys. They still have many of the instincts and habits of their old free life and cannot tolerate con finement. On this account they are found only in comparatively small flocks a:,1 do not succeed when reared in large numbers in the same manner as is ob served with ducks and chickens. A ranch much less than 20 acres is too small for anything but a few turkeys, and flocks of 50 to 200, which are about the maximum, should have 40 to SO acres. Any close confinement is sure to result in disease, ill health and losses.