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Two Forms of Disease


TWO FORMS OF DISEASE Quite re cently the announcement has been made from several sources that there are two forms of tuberculosis, both of which may attack man. Much evidence has been presented to show that the two forms of the disease may coexist in the human patient or in one of the domes tic animals. DT. PAW and others have come to the conclusion that the ordinary form of pulmonary tuberculosis affects primarily the lungs and is due to human tubercle bacilli; while the intestinal form of tuberculosis is largely due to bovine tubercle bacilli, whether it oc curs in man or animals. Essentially the same results have been obtained by the German Imperial Health Office, Theobald Smith and other investiga organs the disease is characterized by the development of tubercles varying in size from that of a millet seed to that of a hen's egg or greater. The contents of these tubercles ultimately change into a cheesy or calcareous mass and such tubercles may be found in the lungs, liver, spleen and intestines. As soon as a case appears which is recognizable by external symptoms, it is desirable to apply the tuberculin test to the whole herd for the purpose of ascertaining whether the disease has spread to other animals.

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