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Value of Exercise


VALUE OF EXERCISE After hens have been laying eggs all winter they are likely to show a low percentage of fer tility. Free range outside is of great benefit at this time in increasing the fertility of the eggs. At the West Vir ginia station, 92 per cent of the eggs from hens having unlimited range were fertile and 83 per cent of these eggs hatched out chicks. When the hens were confined in pens in the yard only about 75 per cent were fertile and of these only 66 per cent hatched out chicks.

Like results were secured at the Mich igan station. Eggs from hens allowed to run in the cold, fresh air at the Cen tral experimental farm produced strong chicks which lived, while the chicks from eggs laid by hens closely confined in a warm house during the winter prac tically all died. The germ in the eggs of these hens became strong 12 to 15 days after the hens were allowed to run outside.