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Veal Calves


VEAL CALVES include choice yeals weighing from 120 to 160 pounds; good veals weighing from 110 to 200 pounds; medium veals, weighing from 100 to 240; and common veals weighing from $0 to 300, It is obvious that grades of Again, they may be fed on fresh sepa rated milk or skim milk, or less often they are fed whey, buttermilk or sour milk. On the western ranges, the only system which can be operated with suc cess consists in allowing the calves to run with the cows for several months, after which they are weaned and do not receive either whole or skim milk, but are put on a grain and coarse forage ra tion, or may be allowed to obtain all their feed on the range. Range cows allow their calves to suck at frequent intervals while they are young, but the calves do not follow the cows until they have acquired considerable strength, At first, the calves are kept hidden, while the cow goes off to graze for a few hours, and then returns to allow the calf to get more milk.

In all dairy regions, and wherever milk may be sold as such, or in the form of butter, the farmer must decide on the relative economy of allowing the calf to have the whole milk, or selling the cream or butter and replacing this part of the milk with other food. This problem has been attacked by many ag ricultural experts, and by other practi cal feeders; and interesting results have been obtained which have had much to do in determining the common practice in this matter. Calves may be more this matter is the kind and quantity of cream substitutes which may be best and most economically used with the skim milk ration for calves.

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