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Whole Wheat or


WHOLE WHEAT or wheat screenings make an ideal ration for hens. Bread wheat is usually too expensive compared with other grains to constitute the larger part of the ration. Both wheat shorts and bran are widely and profit ably used in mashes for hens, tending to maintain the hens in a healthy condi tion.

Nash for laying hens -It is generally conceded by poultrymen that some kind of a soft food should form a part of the daily ration of laying bens. It has been argued that the digestive organs of hens contain the least amount of food in the morning and that therefore this is the best time to feed the soft feed as it will be digested and assimilated quicker than whole grain. On this point rela tively little difference in egg produc tion was observed by the Massachusetts Hatch station either in summer or win ter, whether chickens were fed mash in the morning or in the evening. The hens fed mash in the evening voided more droppings during the night, show ing that the digestive action on mash was very rapid. So far as the experi ment went it was considered most favor able to feed the mash in the morning.

The West Virginia station also re ports about the same results as regards egg production whether mash was fed in the morning or in the evening.

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