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Little Philanthropies

LITTLE PHILANTHROPIES Give and it shall be given unto you.

It is a question worthy of serious considera tion, to what extent the beggar on the street is benefited by the money we give him. Does it help him onward, or does it thrust him deeper into the slough of dependence? This form of charity, if it may be so called, is un doubtedly more harmful than helpful. The advice of those interested in organized charity is invariably against indiscriminate giving. They hold that it tends to perpetuate a class of incompetent and dependent people that are better cared for by one or another philanthrop ic society.

We all make the acquaintance of the roving mendicant. He thrusts himself upon us, and we are at least obliged to hear his request whether we help him or not. But we do not all make the acquaintance of the many philan thropic efforts that are directed upon those in need of help. In the great cities, especially, these organizations are many and efficient. An essential part of every man's training in citi zenship lies in becoming intelligently ac quainted with this factor of our social being.

We should give some attention to philan thropic efforts if for no other reasons than these : ( 1) They are a pron'ounced and effec tive factor in social life. (2) They take us out of ourselves and remind us that we are, after all, to an extent, our brother's keeper.

Every young man and woman intent on building a fortune, should determine to be, at the same time, a philanthropist. Whether we contribute time, active interest, or money, the effort is decidedly worth while, no less to the giver than to the recipient. Philanthropy is the gateway opening into a domain of human life through which all should enter. To do so deepens human interest and broadens human sympathy. It turns one's steps from the pur suit of purely selfish ends and directs them, when necessary, toward the relief of those in the abyss.

The crying need of the world is no less for human interest in the unfortunate than it is for money. Give a tithe of your time and thought and a tithe of your money, when you can, to the uplift and betterment of those who are in need. Direct personal interest in phil

anthropic activities is better by far than the uninquiring giving of a few dollars to get rid of the responsibility.

How shall you begin? You can readily learn the names of practical charities. Select any one that appeals to you. Secure infor mation about it by inquiring. If it proves worthy of your interest and support, write to its officers, and through the reports and litera ture of the society learn the full scope of its activity and achievement. If, on thorough in vestigation, you are convinced that what you may contribute to it will result in the maxi mum of benefit to those whom it aims to as sist, then adopt it as one of your interests in life. Do not judge its value to consist in what you do for it; take note of what it does for you. It is more than likely that you will agree after a while that you are the real beneficiary. Do not think of its cost to you in dollars, but of its benefit to you in a deeper understanding of life. You will find in a wisely conducted charity a source for much essential education; a phase of education, in fact, that you cannot afford to neglect.

We all have time and thought, even if we lack money. Men and women have been of in dispensable assistance to others in exerting an influence for uplift. Clubs of boys and girls need practical and enthusiastic workers to in spire and to help. Many a boy and girl has been turned into the broad highway of oppor tunity by timely word or suggestion. You can contribute this, at least. The more earn estly you do contribute such help, the more you will think of practical ways and means of aiding the helpless. It will strengthen you, give you one more fixed purpose in life; it will prove to you that of all great things the helping hand is among the greatest. This in terest will stimulate your thought, increase your power of organization, direct your effort to practical ends, and give you joy in worthy results accomplished.

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