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What Can the Man of Fifty

The man of fifty has traversed the greater part of his journey. Let him save what he can, but, above that in importance, he must have joy in life every day and, fortified by simple wants, find as much happiness as he can in the things of life and the thoughts of life that are incorruptible.

The art of building a fortune is not com plete, does not express itself fully, if it fails to include mental treasures. Let the door be kept ajar between the mind of the man and the cosmic mind of the Creator. Then, with love and trust, one is spared a vast number of little trials that are vain expenses to those who have lived to themselves alone.

Many a human being has found happiness in life, and has given it freely to others, who never saw a bond and who could not describe a coupon. Millions of people in the United States who are exempt from the Federal In come • Tax will pass as happy, or probably happier, lives than those whose return to the Government is considerable. The king who wanted to buy the shirt of a perfectly happy man found the man, but he was shirtless. We must come again to the sage advice of the philosopher who said : Spend for power, not for pleasure.

Two things will keep any man in poverty, whatever his skill : Indolence and self-indul gence. Indolence does not produce. Self indulgence does not provide. To reach middle life with no other call within us than that a sensual appetite we are no longer capable of gratifying is to be poor indeed. Where self-indulgence has dulled the senses, ruined the digestion, weakened heart and lungs and nerves, what comfort is there in money? He was skilled and far-seeing who advised men thus : i. The way of success is to think and to work.

2. Never let work become so mechanical that it sinks to the common level. Lift it up.

Anything a man can do can be wonderfully done.

3. Take up the next task and do it with diligence.

4. Never expect to go forward from any point except from exactly where you are.

5. Avoid everything that depletes; and of all things that do this, fear is the worst.

6. Do not capitulate to any circumstance or condition. Fight as a soldier would, but never run away.

7. God speaks from many centers; listen to His messages.

8. Advance in wisdom daily.

9. The best basis for health is happiness.

to. The great rule is : Love one another, for by so doing love comes back to us a thou sandfold.

Every man at some period in life thinks of these things; they may be dimly perceived or fully realized, but when they come to him the heavens open and the spirit of true living descends upon him.

We have all heard the expression: It would be heaven to be rich. Heaven has been more discussed than any subject open to human kind. Simple philosophers, equally with the divine, have told us that it is a kingdom within us. Having once found it, a man may smile at compound interest, but let him sin cerely believe that he can draw interest a thousand times compounded once he knows that the great Universal Mind is everywhere— within him and about him. And let him be lieve that at any age he can well afford not to save money, but he can never afford not to save and cherish that perception of life which tells him he is a god in disguise, capable of far more than has ever come forth from him. Not by might nor by power shall he make his way, but by the spirit. "A higher law than that of our will regulates events." To be rich in faith in that law is to be rich in reality.

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