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Dr James Apjohn


APJOHN, DR. JAMES, an eminent Irish chemist, was born Sept. 1, 1796, in the parish of Grean, County Limer ick. He received his primary educa tion at the diocesian school of Tippe rary, under Rev. Marshal Clarke, and entered Trinity College, Dublin, in 1814. He soon distinguished himself there, and obtained a scholarship in 1816. He graduated in 1818, and ap plied himself to the study of medicine, receiving his degree in 1821. Dr. Apjohn settled in Dublin, and soon be came noted for his talent and energy. In company with Sir Henry Marsh and others, he established the Medical and Chirurgical College in Park Street, and was appointed lecturer of chemistry.

To this branch of the profession he de voted particular attention, and in 1828. he was chosen professor of chemistry in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. In 1814, he was appointed leturer on applied chemistry to Trinity College, and in 1850, professor of that chair and also of mineralogy. He was a prominent member of the Royal Irish Academy, and was awarded the Cun ningham gold medal for some of his papers read before the society. As a chemist, he ranks among the very first, and has acquired c continental reputation. He contributed largely to the scientific journals of the day; his articles extend to a very wide range of scientific subjects, and are rated as of the first merit.

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