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Edward Maturin


MATURIN, EDWARD, a talented Irish American scholar and writer, was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1812, and was the son of Rev Chas. Maturin, the poet and writer. He received his edu cation at Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated with distinction. Edward came to this country in 1832, bringing letters from Tom Moore, the poet, Rich ard Lalor Sheiland other eminent Irish men. He entered the law office of Chas. O Conor and afterward studied with Mr. Logan, and was admitted to the bar. Literature, however, had too strong a hold on him. He was a fine Greek scholar, and on recommendation of Prof. Anthon went to South Carolina and accepted a professorship of that chair in a college there. He resided there for many years, and in 1842 mar ried Miss Gailiard. He returned to to New York and for upwards of thirty years filled professorships in Greek, Latin and Belles Lettres. He was also an elegant writer, and published several romances and a volume of Lyrics, among them Montezuma, the Last of the Aztecs, Benjamin, the Jew of Gren ada, Eva, or the Isle of Life and Death, Roman Tales, Lyrics of Spain and Erin, etc. He was held in high esteem for his great knowledge, and was one of those selected by the Bible Union to translate from the Greek the Gospel of Mark.

He died May, 1881.

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