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Acquired Deformities and Defects of the Body



The body is subjected to various deformities and defects in duced in different ways and connected with different organs or parts. Some of these deformities or defects are of trifling, others of the most serious moment. In certain instances the skeleton is the seat of the deformity, and, in the majority of instances of permanent deformity, the skeleton is involved. In other cases the muscular system is the part affected. In a third class the ex ternal membranous covering of the body, the skin, is the structure implicated.

In the chapters on the local affections of the different systems of the body we have already had before us many of these deformi ties and defects. At pages 244-245 the various deformities called curvature of the spine are described. At page 249 deformities connected with the teeth are detailed. At pages 235-237 differ ent kinds of deformities connected with muscles and tendons, causing club foot, club hand, wry neck, and the like are described. At page 194 the deformity of the eye called strabismus or squint is explained, and at 268 some affections of the skin, which may be called defects or deformities, are brought under notice.

I need not do more than refer as above to these conditions of disease, and as they include the greater part of the common de formities and defects, I have little else to add to this chapter than a description of one or two deformities induced by practices of fashion and folly.

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