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Acquired Disease from Mental Shock



The effects of mental shock telling upon the different organs of the body through the nervous organization lead sometimes, as I have hinted above, to direct concussion or stun. The stun may extend to what is called stroke or apoplexy, and is one of the fatal forms of apoplexy in some instances where it happens to those who, by pre-existing organic disease, have become disposed to apoplectic seizure. In the majority of instances it is nothing more than a temporary shock or blow, from which, after a time, recovery takes place and all is well. In other instances, recovery from any immediate danger is secured, but the shock which has been given conveys a sufficient impression to derange, more or less permanently, the mental and physical life. A man or a woman under these circumstances is said to have broken down, or to have lost self-control, or energy, or heart. These terms, which are as expressive as they are true, have been used from the first days of literary art in the works descriptive of the history of man, his mental attributes, his failures in attempted successes, and his successes themselves.