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Acute Gout



" A specific febrile disorder, characterized by inflammation without suppuration "—in other words, without the formation in the part affected of matter or pus—" but with considerable red ness of the affected joints, chiefly of the hands and feet, and especially of the great toe. The disease is attended with excess of uric acid in the blood." Varieties of Gout.

Chronic Gout. A disease marked by a persistent gouty con dition, with the joints often permanently enlarged from deposit of the urate of soda.

Gouty Synovitis. Gout attacking the synovial, or lining mem brane of the joints.

Chronic Rheumatic Arthritis. " An affection characterized by pain, stiffness, and deformity of one or more of the joints, as- . sociated with deposition of new bone around them." This affec tion is sometimes confounded with pure chronic gouty disease.

Cancer. Malignant Disease.

deposit or growth that tends to spread indefinitely into the surrounding structures, and in the course of the lymphatics in the part of the body affected, and to reproduce itself in remote parts of the body." Varieties of Cancer.

Schirrus. Hard cancer. A cancerous swelling, hard at first and then ulcerating. Schirrus often affects the breast in the female.

Medullary. Soft cancer. A cancerous tumor, frequently of rapid growth. It often becomes fungoid and easily bleeds.

Epithelial. Cancroid. Surface cancer. A cancer occurring superficially, and ulcerating over a large surface from the point where it commences.

Helanotic Cancer. lifelanosis. Dark cancer. A cancerous growth with deposition in it of black pigment.

Osteoid. Cancer commencing in bone, and followed, as a rule, by similar development in other organs of the body.

Villous — Cancer of mucous membrane covered by villi or fine projecting mucous filaments.

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