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Bilious Toxaemia



When the secretion of bile is suppressed from organic disease affecting the liver or gall-bladder, so that there is not a proper secretion of bile, or when a proper secretion finds an imperfect escape into the alimentary canal, the constituents of the bile are carried into the circulation and excite symptoms of bilious poison ing, jaundice, convulsion, coma. We have already studied some of these symptoms in treating of diseases of the liver, under the head " Jaundice," pages 211-12, and to these we need not again refer.

There are, however, certain minor symptoms due to the sup pression of bilious secretion which deserve to be noticed under this head. These are commonly called symptoms of biliousness, or sufferings from bile, and consist of headache, nausea, depres sion of spirits, constipation, lassitude, and inability to apply the mind or the body to their respective labors. I believe it not un frequently happens that more serious symptoms than these result from suppressed liver secretion, but I have named those which are most common.