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Chlorosis Green Sickness



Another form of anemia peculiar to women and attended with paleness, tending to a green tint, of the surface of the body. The disease occurs after puberty, but rarely after twenty-five or twenty-six years of age.

Beriberi. Acute Anemic Dropsy.

A very serious disease peculiar or endemic to Ceylon, part of Madras, the Mauritius, and the coast of Malabar. The disease begins with anemia or bloodlessness, and terminates in general dropsy. It attacks natives and Europeans, but the latter rarely until after nine or ten months' residence in the affected district. It is often very fatal, destroying one in three or four of those attacked by it. It attacks most severely those who indulge in alcoholic drinks,. and men more than women.

The reader, if he shall have followed these pages carefully, has now a concise, but fairly complete view of the general diseases which in this day afflict humanity in civilized communities. He will, I doubt not, wonder with my friend of whom I have before spoken, that the diseases should be so limited in number, and he will expect to be prepared for entirely new phases of diseased action when he comes to the next part of this work, which treats of local diseases, injuries, and poisonings. In this expectation, however, he will be largely deceived. The list of local affections and injuries will, it is true, be a long one; but it will be found to be made up, in great part, of repetitions of one or other of the several conditions of disease, applied, over and over again, to particular organs and structures; of repetitions or references to certain of the general diseases which run a regular course; and of repetitions of some of the diseases which have been classified as of constitutional type. In a word, essential as it is to become acquainted with the local diseases and injuries, the reader will find the fact remaining that, if by preventive art we could con trol the comparatively small number of conditions and affections which have been detailed in the last three chapters, we could control the local diseases as well as the general, and could prevent the whole, with the exception, always, of that final process of decay which forms the prelude to natural death from ripe old age.

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