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Colloid a



"A new growth, a great part of which is formed of trans parent gelatinous substance," often attaining a large size. Colloid is doubtfully ranked as malignant.

Tumors. Simple Tumors or swelling.

The term tumor or simple tumor is applied to a swelling caused by a growth which is not cancerous or malignant. Such growth is sometimes called " benign," or non-malignant.

Varieties of Tumors.

Fibrous tumor. A circumscribed growth of fibrous tissue, usually firm and of slow development.

Fibro-cellular. A circumscribed growth of mixed fibrous and cellular tissue.

Faro-nucleated. A growth of fibrous tissue containing elon gated nuclei.

A rapidly-growing nucleated cellular growth, the cells being fusiform, spindle shaped.

Aryeloid. A growth of red tint, containing many nucleated cells, and commencing, generally, in the ends of bones.

Fatty. Sometimes called Lipoma. A growth composed of adipose or fatty tissue.

Osseous. A growth of bone called sometimes exostosie, and presenting several sub-varieties, as ivory, or hard and cancellated or porous; and &fused or spreading.

Cartilaginous, sometimes called Ench,ondroma. A growth affecting cartilage or cartilaginous structure.

Fibro-cartilaginous. A growth composed of fibrous and car tilaginous elements.

Glandular. A growth occurring near to a gland and, to some extent, resembling a gland in structure. Sometimes called Vascular. A growth composed largely of blood-vessels, but increasing slowly.

Nevus. A vascular growth developing upon or below the skin, and when upon the skin assuming a round or strawberry like character. Diffused over a considerable surface of the skin, a nmvus is called, vulgarly, "port-wine mark " or " mother's mark." Sebaceous. A growth containing a fatty suet-like material, and often called a wen.

Cholesteatoma. A growth containing a fatty substance re sembling cholesterine.

Molluscum. A firm dermoid growth connected with the hair follicles and resembling somewhat the bodies of molluscs. The growths attain sometimes a large size and have a pedicle or stalk.

Warts. The hard, rough, vegetative-like structures occurring on the skin.

Cheloid. A hard growth on the skin. Is often developed on a cicatrix or healed wound or sore.

Moles. Irregular raised spots on the skin containing black pigment.


Cysts, often also called wens, are hollow growths, more or less firm, containing some substance within them. The contained substance varies, and so gives rise to modifications of cysts. Se rous cysts contain watery or serous fluid. Synovial cysts, situated near joints, contain synovial fluid. Bums are the little swellings which occur near to joints, as at the back of the wrist. In addi tion to these there are also mucous cysts; suppurating cysts; eanguineous cysts, called by the vulgar rhagic; aneurismal; oily; gelatinous; compound or prolifer ouscomplex; cretaceous or dermoid; and dentigerous cysts.

growth, called, cysts, sometimes and skin