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Derangements of the Uterine System



During pregnancy the organs most concerned, the uterus and its neighboring parts, are apt to be subject to derangement beyond the changes natural to their function in the process of child-bear ing. The uterus during this state may be affected by inflam mation, giving rise to uterine irritation, to fever, to sym pathetic pain in the stomach, and to hysteria. It may be liable to discharge of watery fluid, to to acute nervous pain unattended with inflammation, hysteralgia; to spurious pains like those of labor; to severe spasm or cramp; to discharge of fluid colored with blood, sanguineous discharge; to actual loss of blood, hemorrhage; and, to the three kinds of displacement : (a) prolapses; (b) hernia; (c) retroversion, which have been explained in a preceding page.