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Disease from Nitro Benzole



The oily liquid called nitro-benzole is a source of danger to persons employed in chemical works, and has, more than once, proved a fatal danger. Long exposure to the vapor of this sub stance produces nervousness and torpor, and when the vapor is inhaled in a concentrate form, the drowsiness, after from three to four hours, passes into stupor and intoxication, and soon after into coma or apoplectic sleep. The mind remains tolerably clear until the stupor suddenly comes on, and then the insensibility is complete. The body falls precisely as in apoplexy, and death en sues in about 6ve hours.

Dr. Letheby, who of all observers has most carefully inquired into the action of nitro-benzole, is of opinion that the poison is reduced in the body into aniline by giving up its oxygen, but that on the surface of the body the opposite condition is in progress, by which the salts of aniline are oxydized, and are converted into mauve or magenta purple. I have learned of another mischief incident to the manufacture of In making it, by acting on benzine with nitric acid, vapor of hypo-nitric acid is freely evolved. This vapor produces great bronchial irritation, nausea or vomiting, and colic. Chevalier has reported on these facts, and has added some others which in England have not been noticed so distinctly. He says that the process of washing the nitro-benzine is more painful than the making of it, and that the vapor of benzine itself induces intense headache, a fact I can fully confirm.

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