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Disease from Salts of Silver



When some of the salts of silver, the nitrate especially, are brought into contact with the skin, with moisture, they produce a dark stain, which, ordinarily, is only of temporary duration. If the salt be taken internally in small quantities, and for a consid erable time, the whole of the surface of the skin becomes dark in color. The discoloration or stain is fairly distributed over the surface, but is most marked in those parts of the body which are exposed to light, as the face and hands, in which parts I have known the stain to be as deep as the complexion of a mulatto. The discoloration gradually lessens in the course of years, and it may be somewhat reduced by medical art, but I have never known it pass away entirely.

Disease from zinc.

Men engaged in bronze founding are subject to serious symp toms from inhaling the fumes of oxide of zinc. The fumes rise to the mouth of the workman and settle on the lips, causing some times a whitish efflorescence. After long exposure to these fumes choleraic attacks are induced, with shiverings and severe cramps in the muscles of the legs. Vomiting is induced, and the food taken undergoes a peculiar fermentation, causing water-brash. Zinc-plating and the manufacture of "corrugated zinc" are also attended with most pernicious results to health.

fumes and zinc