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Disease from Stings of Insects



The affections from the stings of insects such as the wasp and the bee, are usually only local in character, but are now and then very painful and troublesome if not dangerous. I have seen the sting of the wasp produce a local inflammation, followed by ery sipelas, and prove dangerous though not fatal. The local symp toms induced are due to the fluid secretion conveyed by the sting, and the effect has been supposed by some to depend on a zymosis or ferment. I am inclined myself to look upon it as resulting from the action of an organic acid.

Diseases from the jelly-fish or medusa.

The jelly-fish produces a peculiar secretion which, coming in contact with the skin, sets up an acute erythema, attended some times with an irritable vesicular eruption. The eruption is ac companied by a burning and tingling, and may last for several hours. In one instance, which came under my own cognizance, a bather in the sea, where a considerable number of jelly-fishes were floating, became so entangled in the meshes of a group of them that "he was stung over almost all the surface of his body." He suffered from an acute eruption which did not disappear for sixteen hours, and which was attended' with two degrees of fever. In another instance, which also came under my own cognizance, a bather while swimming on his back, with open mouth, was stung in the throat, and was affected with so severe an inflamma tion as to cause considerable anxiety for several hours. The poi son of the jelly-fish is, I believe, an organic acid poison.

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