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Disease from Wool



In the process of sorting wools, especially that kind of wool called Van mohair, the workers are subjected to a peculiar and often fatal disease which arises from something which they in hale or absorb. The disease runs a fairly definite course, the period of incubation being about four days. The first symptoms are those of headache and pain in the chest with chilliness. These signs are followed by restlessness, nausea, and, very frequently, vomiting. The countenance assumes a dark color, as in cyanosis. The breathing is difficult, the pulse fails, there is clammy per spiration of the body, reduction of animal warmth, insensibility, muttering delirium, and death. This is a description of an ex treme but by no means, unusual case, for the mortality in wool sorter's disease is very great. It is supposed by some that the disease is due to a bacterium called baccillus anthracis. The evi dence is as yet inconclusive.