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Curative Influences


What is a Mental Cure? In Metaphysical Philosophy man is understood to be: First - Spirit, a living intelligence, capable of thought for a conscious purpose; a living entity of spiritual essence and substance - eternal, indestructible, and not subject to physical injury or outward control.

Second - Mind, which is Spirit in the thinking process of living activity.

Third - Body, an outward expression of Mind in the evidence of sensation, through a physical system composed chiefly of millions of ganglia and nerves, combined in so intricate a system that its detail is almost beyond human comprehension; so infinite in number that even the point of a needle placed in contact with the skin sometimes covers not only a 9 nerve, but a system of nerves too fine to be examined by material agency.

Nothing physical can be constructed fine enough to operate advantageously upon these infinitesimally small organs, to say nothing of influencing the vital fluid which flows through them. In construction they are finer than the molecular form of any drug. Man's physical senses are too coarse to come in contact with them, and his means for mechanical action are too large to operate upon them; his clumsy attempts can only interfere with Nature's mental handiwork. Yet these delicate instruments are of the most vital importance in every act of physical life, and direct cura tive influence is impossible except through some mode of their activity, controlled by thought.

The Ganglionic nerves are the immediate instruments of mind, responding to every conscious thought, as do the strings of a harp to atmospheric vibrations. Thought is more subtle than even these tiny organs, and they obey its every impulse.

In the attempt to heal, the conventional physician approaches the Case from a material standpoint, reaching the physical body through the stomach by means of 'chemical action; therefore, he can at best hope to reach directly only those troubles which are distinctly associated with digestion and assimilation of food, with conditions of the blood and of those special organs the action of which depends upon the stomach.

Chemical action in the human stomach is not a fixed quantity, but varies with every person and changes with every emotion of the mind. Because of this fact, the effect of medicine can never be foretold with exactness, and every dose becomes an experiment. Mind is the Chemist that operates in the Laboratory of digestion, and through the activity of thought on all planes of consciousness the digestive apparatus is under absolute control of Intelligence.

The Metaphysician approaches the individual from a standpoint opposite that of the medical schools, considering him a Spiritual Being rather than a Thing composed mainly of material elements. Dealing with mind, he reaches the physical system through the brain and the ganglionic nervous system, rather than through the stomach, - entering at the front door and meeting his Host in the drawingroom instead of in the kitchen. Comprehensive understanding is the basis of operation rather than chemical fermentation. Appeal is made to the intelligent Soul on the plane of understanding, instead of to the personality on the plane of sensation; correct living action is thereby established in mind and superconsciously reenacted in the Brain cells.

This condition is immediately transmitted through nerve circulation to all parts of the body, changing wrong modes of action in each organ to those which are right, and correcting every distorted function. Direct material action upon a particular organ is not necessary to this result.

Mind is the masterly regulator of the entire physical mechanism, and must therefore preside over every possible chemical action in all digestive processes; and if the right mental condition be established a corresponding physical condition becomes a matter of course.

In dealing with classified diseases by any physical process of cure, the distinctly nervous and mental forms give the physician the most trouble. To abandon the attempt to heal, shifting the responsibility to the patient with the statement that nothing is the matter - it is only "Imagination: is to confess entire ignorance as regards this remarkable faculty, by which strong men are often held in bondage.

It is puerile to say of any patient that his sickness is only imaginary, - a fault of his own which he might correct if he would. No sane man would intentionally bring suffering upon himself and consciously continue its action, and no insane person would be capable of deliberately producing such a result. Clearly something is wrong; and be the trouble real or "imaginary "it is the physician's duty to ascertain its nature, and to discover an adequate remedial agency.

If, perchance, the patient only imagines a trouble which is not present, there should be found a cure for that distorted imagination. Such a cure will never be discovered without a full understanding of what Imagination really is, and in what line of activity it originates.

The Imagination being a mental faculty, or, at least, an instrument of the mind, in order to gain the necessary information the mental activities must be investigated. Study along this line has been somewhat neglected by the medical schools, principally, perhaps, because mind has been viewed as an adjunct of the body, more or less physical in its nature: a vague something or other, probably seated in the brain, perchance the brain itself; and the statement is frequently heard that mind is incapable of action except in accordance with its existing physical conditions, as an instrument of the body. This opinion leads to the conclusion that mind is of no importance in a therapeutic sense, save that it should be kept quiet until the physical body can be healed through drug medication, when, it is' supposed, the body will restore its own mind to the normal condition.

Metaphysical philosophy shows this view of the construction and control of man's natural system to be not only erroneous, but exactly a reversal of the facts of life.

Adequate study of all forms of sickness proves the existence of a mental origin for each case; there fore all maladies are mental rather than physical in their nature, being simply different degrees of mental distress registered in the physical system.

Continued experiment demonstrates the fact that all forms of disease may be cured by changing the _order of the mental action from which they originally emanated.

This is what Metaphysical Healing accomplishes.

It occupies a field where medical knowledge is inadequate, where materia medica is silent, and where medical practice is powerless to aid directly the millions who turn to it with confidence, in the hopeful expectation of scientific relief.

The subject of the mental nature and cure of disease is worthy of the most careful examination by every intelligent thinker. The history of medical practice shows that in the treatment of disease the experience of the competent physician leads him away from the administration of drugs. The most successful physicians of the present day employ the least number and the smallest quantity of medicines - frequently none, even in severe cases. Why? "The less there is employed of the right remedy the better the result produced! "Such is the logic derived from these facts of practice.

In the hope of finding possible remedies, experiment has been made with almost every known element of the earth; and every minute part of the physical system has been examined, in order to discover its material rules of action. Yet today materia medics, has no remedy for any sympathetic nervous disease, except some drug which intensifies nervous action often to the point of destroying the finer parts of the nervous system, or stupefies the faculties by partially paralyzing what yet remains undestroyed of that intricate system of finest nerves which are of most vital importance in physical existence: in fact, all the more important because too fine in construction to be examined through the instruments of sensation.

This line of experiment frequently terminates in what perhaps is attributed to the supposed fatality of an existing disease. The result was really brought about, however, through the presence of a foreign element introduced into the system, an element which destroyed the natural action that it was expected to restore, while the real cause passed unrecognized. Of course, the harm is unintentional, and the disastrous result deplored, perhaps in an agony of regrets, by the physician as well as by the patient's friends, but the error is none the less fatal for that reason.

Under the theory of drug medication, when an organ or a function is unnaturally excited, the physician aims to depress the nervous system and to discourage action, thereby to reduce vitality, until disturbance shall cease. When action is subnormal, the aim is to intensify action by means of a stimulant or other excitant, which causes an equally unnatural mode of molecular motion in the disturbed parts without in any degree increasing the amount of vitality present in the system.

In either of these attempts to heal, the final result is a reduction of the vitality registered in the physical system; because all poisons injure, and most drugs destroy, some part of the finer nervous mechanism, thereby rendering the instrument imperfect, so that Mind, the real and intelligent operator - the only source of vitality in the human body - cannot register its highest and best modes of activity. As with a

harp or piano, when the strings belonging to any notes are broken, those tones can no longer be produced, be the operator ever so skillful.

The nervous system is the physical mechanism through which mind outwardly expresses its thoughts and registers its modes of action in the body. No person can physically live a moment without a nervous system. No one can be actively intelligent on this life plane without the most finely constructed nervous system, in perfect condition and fully operative. Every nerve dispensed with means a corresponding degree of physical power sacrificed, and under some circumstances lost, during the remainder of this lifeperiod.

For every material element contained in the earth there is a corresponding mental element, or a mode of activity in Universal Mind; the correspondence is exact and the laws run parallel.

Every drug is accompanied by a mode of subconscious mental activity of a degraded order, which is so foreign to the nature of the mental organism and to the natural construction and operation of the higher divisions of the nervous mechanism, that normal action is impossible while it is present. The physical and the mental of a parallel grade accompany each other: moral and physical degradation go hand in hand. The inevitable moral degradation of those addicted to the habitual use of either alcohol or opium illustrates this principle.

The average patient expects that the drug administered will act with curative effect upon the disease which is supposed to be present, and believes that alcohol and other drugs possess substance and sustaining power which are needed in reconstructing the depleted system. But, in fact, healthy tissue is built only by nature and from natural food ingredients, - never in any instance from a poisonous preparation. Every drug is a poison, which enters the circulation in the same manner as other poisons. Nature rejects unnatural ingredients and expels them from every part of the physical system by the most energetic means, because they are useless in the construction of healthy tissue. They are against, not for, health. The atomic construction and molecular form of drugs is unlike that of any part of the human system. There is no health either in a poison or in any of its attendant effects.

The tremendous effort made by nature to eject from the system any foreign element of a poisonous character sometimes leads to the erroneous conclusion that the element contains in itself genuine powerproducing forces, which are adapted to establish natural action and to restore health. On the contrary, the system is frequently depleted of its vitality by the serious drain made upon it in disposing of the useless element, resulting in harm which more than counterbalances any good that could be expected from distorted action inevitably following the introduction of a drug.

If for any reason nature fails to eject the drug introduced, mind deserts the physical system, because it has been rendered unfit for its purpose.

Drugs frequently change molecular construction in either blood or nerve fluid by destroying the molecules themselves, thereby producing chemical combinations for which nature has no use, and depriving the system of its natural sustenance. In this condition mental action, whether right or wrong, can not clearly express itself, and so temporary relief in mere sensation is sometimes gained, though at the cost of partial destruction of the most important nerves.

If the fact was generally understood that in the physical body any degree of action necessary to the restoration of health may readily be produced through rightly directed thoughtenergy, this worsethanuseless forcing of the vital organs into distressing modes of action would cease, and many valuable lives would be prolonged for future usefulness.

People remain under the unhappy influences of disease and drugs only because the true laws of life are unknown to them. False opinions with regard to the nature, scope and power of disease and its true remedies almost universally prevail, because erroneous ideas of life based upon a physical structure only are commonly taught. These ideas have developed almost imperceptibly during study of the controlled body as the real man, instead of the controlling mind. This study has been pursued entirely upon the inadequate and unreliable evidence of the five physical senses, while the permanent activities of the individual and his more reliable senses of higher perception have been largely ignored. Information thus gained is incomplete and, if trusted literally, will be misleading in many ways.

The fallacious theory that healthy tissue can be produced either from or because of the presence of that which can only result in destruction of tissue, has already filled uncounted millions of untimely graves. Will you, intelligent reader, allow this theory to mislead you, or will you don the cap of logic and the coat of reasonable analysis, enter the field of investigation, and learn for yourself the principles because of which you live, and the laws of mental action through which your physical system has been developed? If you learn these truths thoroughly, disease will lose the terrors of its supposed power over you and yours, and untimely death will cease to haunt you as a possible outcome of nearly every simple act of life.

Effort to cure nervous troubles will generally result in failure until adequate study of the Mental mechanism and its Spiritual faculties is accomplished, when it will be discovered that the body is an adjunct of the mind, not vice versa as frequently supposed, and that it is built and sustained by mind, which is the controlling element under all circum stances. In fact it has already been proved in thousands of careful experiments that Mind is a living, intelligent Entity, having a nature, a system and a life of its own. The body reflects mental activity in physical element, and thus is built, partly destroyed or according as mind changes its modes of action.

Mind is the Intelligence of the body. Mind thinks; its Thought is registered on the body in physical element. The thought is a model of the idea; the body and its conditions are a constructed copy of the model. When the model changes, the copy correspondingly changes. This rule holds good with regard to every part of the system, but is especially true of the most finely constructed parts, because these are subject to the quickest changes. In the finest nerve mechanism important changes frequently occur instantaneously, while in the coarser structure of bone, cartilage and ligament, they take place more slowly.

The instant the mental cause ceases its disturbing vibrations nature begins natural restorative activity in every part of the physical system; this is as certain as that water will run down hill. All that is necessary, then, is that a correct diagnosis of the Mental Influences be obtained and that the mental changes be rightly produced by an understanding mind.

In this perfectly natural way any Case of sickness is curable by metaphysical treatment, provided there still remains enough of the substructure for nature to build upon. Unless there be something for nature to work upon, cure of that Case by any means is manifestly impossible.

When these truths are intelligently comprehended the fact becomes evident that disease - whatever its name or nature must originate in some mental activity afterwards registered in the body, where that mode of action is outwardly expressed. Knowledge of this fact is the key to accurate diag nostication and a sure guide to an adequate Mental Therapeutics. In such understanding, mind possesses most valuable powers, alike prophylactic, pathological, and therapeutical.

The discovery of this eternal fact in regard to man's mental and physical structure is an electric searchlight thrown upon this hitherto darkened field of inquiry. By understanding clearly how mind acts to produce conditions of disease, and how it may be led to act in an opposite direction to result in health, the right remedies for all the ills to which flesh has been supposed to be heir become evident.

Through knowledge of the natural laws of human existence, based upon intelligent understanding of the fundamental principles of Spiritual Life, each thinking mind has power to reverse every wrong mode of action and to establish right conditions. Exercise of this power in removing disease is a legitimate Mental Cure. Its nature is Metaphysical.

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