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Metaphysical Healing


Its Nature and Scope.

Among the questions arising in the mind of every investigator of this subject, the following are perhaps oftenest asked, because most important to an intelligent comprehension of the scope and importance of the movement: 1. What is Metaphysical Healing? 2. In what sense is it metaphysical? 3. What knowledge is the basis of the theory? 4. What benefits are likely to result from an understanding of the principles? 5. Has it any foundation in Science, Philosophy, Logic or Reason? 6. Are the theory and working power capable of scientific demonstration? 7. Will the knowledge be of permanent benefit to man? 8. Will any harm result from the practice? Clear and correct answers to these questions are of vital importance to those who wish to understand the manifold phases of human existence. In these times of varying opinion, diverging views and contradictory theories, life's problem frequently seems more than ever difficult to understand; but, in fact, the increased activity of mind which is expressed in diversified thought, leads to extended research, which is clearing up many obscure subjects and bringing to light hidden mines of knowledge. This frequently develops resources of the human mind heretofore unrealized. One important result is a rediscovery of the healing power which inheres in rightly regulated thoughtaction, and which is now presented under the head of Metaphysical Healing.

Metaphysical Healing is a mental method of establishing health, through an understanding of the fundamental principles of Being or universal Life and the working laws of its activities. It is commonly known as Mental Healing, and (under various theories, more or less perfect in construction) is popularly spoken of as Mind Cure.

The various schools of Mental Healing are based upon practically the same fundamental principles. They differ in theory, chiefly because the principles being universal in scope, and therefore infinite in extent and variety, are beyond full comprehension in finite thought - hence they are recognized in various degrees of understanding.

The character of the Principle to be considered is of first importance; the name employed in description of the work is important only to the extent that it should be accurately descriptive of the nature of the principles involved in the healing act.

The term Metaphysical Healing is derived from the English noun Metaphysics. It is employed here because Metaphysics is the only word that, in scope, covers every form of those activities of life which make an act of healing possible to the human mind. It correctly describes both the principle and its action, and accurately names the theory on which the healing power is based. The following are standard definitions of the word: "Metaphysics is the science of Being.""The science of the conceptions and relations which are necessarily implied to be true of every kind of Being - philosophy in general; the science of first principles." "Metaphysics is the science of the first principles of Being; the science of the first principles of knowledge, and the science of the beginning and the end of all things - the absolute unity of Being and Thought." "Metaphysics is the science which deals with the principles which are presupposed in all Being and Knowing." "The beginnings of Science and of Metaphysics are identical; although there is a sense in which Metaphysics comes before the Scientific era." Metaphysics is mathematical, therefore exact; knowledge of its principles is, necessarily, scientific understanding. Mathematics, also, is metaphysical, and underlies all real law in the universe. DeQuincey says: "Mathematics has not a foot to stand upon which is not purely metaphysical.""All parts of knowledge have their origin in Metaphysics and finally, perhaps, revolve into it." Knowledge of Being, in any of its forms, is strictly metaphysical, also mathematical, in its nature. Conscious understanding of any definite law of life is knowledge of that part of Being; for every real and every true Principle is an active, living part of Being itself. The Principle is the living entity, while the corresponding Law is its expression. Through the activity of Law the energy of Principle is manifested: healthy, living action is the natural result.

There are no new laws of Being; there is only discovery of law by those to whom that subject is new. If the theory advanced be rightly founded upon first principles, it is a part of the one Science of Being and accurately deals with the corresponding laws: for Science is only a concise name for knowledge of law, and Being means living, essential principle.

Every metaphysical principle has some direct bearing upon the activities of life, thereby affecting the health of the human race. A theory of healing established upon these principles must be metaphysical in character; therefore, the application of acquired knowledge of principles and laws of life to the act of healing becomes a "special metaphysics,"accurately described by the term Metaphysical Healing.

The Method of metaphysical healing is based upon the laws which govern the intelligent side of human nature. In various degrees of activity this includes the intellectual, thinking and reasoning faculties of mind, the intuitive faculties of the soul, and the perceptive faculties of the spiritual nature.

The Philosophy of metaphysical healing deals with the elements and activities of human nature on all planes of existence, beginning with senseevidence and leading up through intellectual comprehension, logical reasoning and the intuition of the soul to pure spiritual perception of the fundamental principles of Being. The universal information thereby gained develops an understanding of human ity in all phases of life. This is essential to a knowledge of how to remedy the ills that flesh has been supposed to be heir to, but which proceed mostly from man's misunderstanding of his own nature.

This line of investigation, properly pursued, will give a clear knowledge in detail of the principal activities of the physical body, of the relation existing between mind and body, including the action of the individual mind both upon its own body and upon other minds, and of Mental Activities on the moral plane, so far as may be necessary in order that a healthy state of both body and mind may be established in natural harmony. This prepares a right foundation for the still higher development of those faculties of the spiritual nature of every individual, which frequently lie almost dormant underneath the accumulation of materialistic opinions of an opposite character.

Investigation of Mental Activities has been conducted with quite as thorough and painstaking earnestness as the physician employs in examination of the physical structure, or as the scientist in any material line devotes to his particular subject. By this means fresh acts are constantly brought to the surface and the knowledge becomes extended.

The practical theory of Metaphysical Healing may be stated as follows: Proceeding naturally from the Fundamental Principles of Being, there are definite Universal Laws of mental activity through which the movements of physical bodies are always regulated. These laws are fundamental to all modes of physical action and to life on any objective plane.

Mind - the intelligent, thinking and reasoning Individual - is a living entity organized upon these principles and laws,. in accordance with which it acts and reacts in thought and perception, outwardly and inwardly, in unison with the Fundamental Principles of the universe. By individual compliance with these laws, results in harmonious and healthy action are outwardly expressed through natural law on the physical body, as well as on the minds of others who enter the same field of activity.

Through intelligent understanding, these laws are accessible and, if understood, the influence will be correct, producing results which must be harmonious and healthy. If not understood, wrong action is probable, and correspondingly discordant results in the life of that individual are absolutely certain, regardless of intention; because, mental action contrary to the laws of universal life, whether it be intentional or accidental, conscious or otherwise, is not in harmony with the mathematical exactness of fundamental principles, therefore is discordant in character, producing outward results of distress, which vary in intensity with the degree of departure from exact law.

These results may be attributed to various external agencies, but really they are the natural outcome of mental action maintained in erroneous channels. The only right remedy is a change in the course of the mental action involved. Power to effect this change for another rests solely in knowledge of the fundamental Principles of Being and their working laws. Comprehension of these facts leads to the following reply to our opening questions: 1st. What is Metaphysical Healing? Metaphysical Healing is a mental method of establishing health through knowledge of the prin ciples of Metaphysics. The principles of Metaphysics are the permanent laws of the universe, therefore they are the underlying laws of human existence.

2d. In what sense is it metaphysical? It is metaphysical in the sense that every step in its practice is taken in exact accordance with some definite fundamental principle of the living activities of Being. Being is the active, conscious reality of the universe.

3d. What knowledge is the basis of the theory? The theory is based upon knowledge of those Laws which are fundamental to human life, and which in repeated tests prove to be the same for all individuals, varying only in degree of intensity, never failing or becoming inoperative while life remains.

4th. What benefits are likely to result from an understanding of the principles involved in Metaphysical Healing? (a.) Through knowledge of the various activities of conscious life, gained by a full understanding of the philosophy of Metaphysical Healing, it is possible to learn the underlying cause of any form or degree of sickness - mental, moral or physical. By the natural force of properly directed Thoughtenergy, this cause may be removed without the agency of opiate, stimulant or any injurious process.

With "such assistance, those who are sick from any cause may be restored to health and natural duration of life by a return to the harmony of the natural action of both body and mind, provided that a cure is still possible in that Case by any means. Experience proves that myriads of cases heretofore considered incurable may be permanently cured by means of metaphysical understanding of the facts of life's experience, when dealt with by an understanding mind, under suitable conditions for natural restoration.

Discords known as physical diseases have their origin in malaction of some of the natural functions of the system, which in turn are under direct control of the mental mechanism. By establishing correct mental activity, the wrong action is changed to a right one in both the mental and the physical organisms, and the disease is undermined.

(b.) New energy and activity enter with the understanding of causes and reasons, and moral tendencies are quickened. Both mental and spiritual faculties become more active, and natural abilities are correspondingly increased in power for action. This develops the best qualities possible to that individual mind.

Parents, guardians, nurses, and all who have charge of the education of children and the care of invalids or others, find the understanding of Natural Law to be the most efficient help in management. Those in possession of such knowledge, properly applied, attain a degree of success that is otherwise impossible.

(c.) The intemperate, who wish to reform and who will, to a reasonable extent, cooperate with the metaphysician, are assisted in the most effective way by removal of the original cause of the desire for a stimulant, after which the unnatural appetite vanishes and the sufferer recovers his normal condition of health and happiness. Metaphysical Healing will soon be known as the real remedy for the hitherto unconquerable malady, Intemperance, because it strikes at the root of the evil, which has been discovered in no other philosophy.

5th. Has Metaphysical Healing any foundation in Science, Philosophy, Logic or Reason? (a.) Science. The word Science literally means knowledge of fundamental law. The foundation of Metaphysical Healing rests upon Science, because it is based on theoretical knowledge of principles, and the healing theory is constructed on definite understanding of the active laws which proceed from those principles. No feature of any theory is accepted as final until it has been proved and demonstrated, without possibility of disproof and without an instance of failure, when it can be applied under the exact conditions which are necessary for a fair test of any scientific problem. It is, of course,

equally important that the test should be conducted by one capable of examining with scientific comprehension.

(b.) Logic. Metaphysical Healing is logical in character, because the action is a process of thought, in "classification, judgment, pure reasoning and systematic arrangement of ideas,"bearing upon those laws and principles of life which relate to health, considered in their direct bearing upon a given case. A correct treatment is a pure, formal process of thought based upon comprehension of the principles involved in the condition requiring to be changed.

"Pure logic is the true form or formal laws of thinking; applied logic teaches the application of the forms of thinking to those objects about which we think."In metaphysical practice, applied logic is employed while dealing with Ideas and forming thought processes to produce healthy results.

(c.) Reason. Logical reasoning leads the mind upward through intellectual process to the higher planes of activity, where principles are comprehended. The conclusive act of pure metaphysical treatment is a clear comprehension of the Principles of Life involved in the Case under treatment.

(d.) Philosophy. Metaphysical Healing is a philosophy of existence, because it deals with the phenomena of life as explained by and resolved into "causes and reasons, powers and laws,"with regard to both sickness and health, showing the active causes of sickness, teaching the fundamental laws of health, and explaining the reason for each action in life. The true metaphysician makes a constant study of these Laws and bases his calculations on their rules, logically reasoning from one to the other, until the Fundamental Principles are reached and comprehended.

Philosophy has been defined as "The science of effects by their causes."Metaphysical Healing considers every sickness to be an effect, mathematically determines the cause which rests in the original wrong mental action, accidental or otherwise; obliterates it by causing that action to cease, and establishes a mental action of an opposite character in the place thereof. In this way sickness is replaced by health, on the mental plane, from which it was originally reflected and reenacted in the physical mechanism.

"Philosophy is the science of things deduced from first principles."In metaphysical diagnostication for causes of evident effects, one deals through reason, with the fundamental principles of, the lifeactivities of the patient. Through this process the real seat of the trouble is reached and a final conclusion arrived at, which, if rightly followed out, will result in permanent eradication of the harmful effect on both the mental and the physical planes. The line of logical reasoning and comprehension of principles which renders this act possible must eventually result in a Philosophy of Life and a Science of Healing, alike logical, reasonable, certain, safe, and universal in application.

6th. Is the theory and working power of Metaphysical Healing capable of scientific demonstration? The theory of Metaphysical Healing is based upon eternal principles of Truth - actual verities: not material but spiritual in essence; therefore they must be spiritually examined. The practical field of operation for such examination can be reached only through intellectual comprehension of the facts of Law, which leads eventually to direct perception of Principles, on the plane of real consciousness above that of physical sensation. Here the details of theory may be examined as directly as can any object on the physical plane, and thus may be actually known, though directly provable only to one who has recognized and learned to use the instruments required for spiritual manipulation of principles.

The working power of Metaphysical Healing can neither be pulverized in a mortar, applied as a poultice, nor hypodermically injected; it cannot be swallowed, handled or microscopically examined; yet it proceeds from a true theory, possessing exact proportions, capable of precise delineation in metaphysical terms to those who are suitably prepared to examine principles on their own ground.

The theory is outwardly demonstrated, and the existence of its principles made known to the world through power of action upon the human mind, and to those who require senseevidence, more especially in its power for healing physical ailments. In this field of action the physical change of tissue that will follow rightly directed mental effort, gives ocular demonstration of possible physical results from metaphysical action.

It is possible to so examine this process as to eliminate every possibility of an external reason for the resultant changes, and to repeat the process in successive experiments until the fact that physical change can be produced through mental action, unaided, is proved as absolutely as the wellknown fact that oxygen and hydrogen, combined on a definite base of mathematical principle, will produce water, although neither of the fundamental elements when examined separately bears the least seeming relation to water.

The universal importance of Mathematical Principle in the construction and continuance of the Universe is demonstrated in the fact that the relation of water to oxygen and hydrogen does not exist under any other condition than the definite mathematical formula H, 0. The least variation from this exact proportion renders the formula inoperative. This is equally true of every physical element even of the material universe itself. Mathematical Principle is the vital essence of every constructed thing and of every element.

The knowledge gained by adequate examination of the laws of mental action is equally scientific with the knowledge of chemical laws, the cause for the action of which no chemist can explain, though the action and its accompanying force are known to exist. Not only is the working power of Metaphysical Healing thereby proved, but the truth of the theory from which definite power is repeatedly produced, is also demonstrated with equal exactness.

7th. Will the knowledge of Metaphysical Healing be of permanent benefit to man? That which results in changes at the foundation, bringing forward fundamental principles of life and causing the individual to conform his actions to them, must inevitably result in permanent good; because a true idea once aroused in mind can never be lost, but remains forever a part of that mind which has conceived the eternal fact of its living principle, regardless of the immediate act of conscious memory. The spiritual essence of that Idea has become a part of the living substance of that Individuality - this is individual development.

Because erroneous opinions are devoid of fundamental principle, they may be eradicated; but a true Idea once comprehended is forever incorporated in the understanding, resulting in permanent development for that individual, which can never be overthrown. Comprehension of metaphysical principles must result in advancement, which will inevitably reflect in improved action on the moral, the intellectual, and eventually, on the physical plane of that individual's life.

8th. Will harm result from the practice of Metaphysical Healing? The pure application of metaphysical principles can never harm, or result in any but good and beneficial acts, because it is based upon and proceeds directly from genuine principles of eternal truth and perpetual good, which are necessarily pure both in character and in the result of their action. Darkness can never proceed from light, because it is not contained therein.

One who seems to produce evil effects by act of thought is not working with principles, therefore is incapable of producing metaphysical results. Principles are the only Verities of the universe; consequently, he is not dealing with Reality and can produce no permanently effective result; indeed, no result whatever can be so produced without either conscious consent or subconscious willingness on the part of the recipient to unite in activity which is contrary to the nature of principles. With adequate knowledge, each intelligent mind may be its own guide, guard and defender in all similar action.

Thoughtaction, to be permanent, must be true - that is, according to Principles. To be according to principles, it must be a clear, conscious apprehension of the principles of Reality. Such thought, when active in one mind, sends an outward current of this realization into the mental atmosphere, where it is inhaled or absorbed by others; only good influence can proceed from such activity.

True thoughtaction leads to Realization, not to Desire. The thinker who yields to evil inclinations and aims to harm another, follows selfdesire, which is devoid of principle, and utterly fails to realize any true Idea. In willful selfishness he blindly hopes for action contrary to Law; such action would be devoid of living principle or essential quality, therefore unreal, inoperative and abortive in the end. He willfully desires but fails to realize; therefore, he accomplishes nothing real or enduring.

Lacking Realization, imagination is not an enduring mental act, therefore not a real thought. Possessing realization of principle, it is true, therefore real and necessarily good; for only Reality can be realized in the true sense of the word, and only that which is good can possess genuine principle of Reality. The essential quality of reality is good: its action necessarily must be good and the result harmonious. The good and the true are eternal, and may be permanently realized. Evil has no fundamental principle of living Reality, and cannot perpetuate itself. It possesses no real quality - no eternal essence; its only definite characteristic is its own native nothingness, and its only existence is in false imagination.

Discord is deceptive under certain circumstances, but unreal; no harm can come from it except to him who believes its falsity to be truth; even then the result proceeds from the undemonstrated opinion, not from any actual entity, and it only expresses the falsity of the opinion. Knowledge of law proves a safeguard here, and is a complete protection. Wrongly inclined thought can harm no one who knows the true laws, and through their exercise lives in the principles of harmonious Being. Metaphysical thoughtaction can never result in harm under any circumstances.

All enduring Principle is one eternal whole of essential reality. All permanent Law is one perpetual harmony of living activity. Every thought based upon realization of eternal principle is a real and lawful activity, essentially good in its nature. It is an active element of pure goodness which, when projected by one mind, is capable of being seen, heard or felt by others. These in turn become its thinkers, and pass it along to those who, through ready willingness to learn and know that which is true in the universe, are receptive to its harmonious influence in endless succession of progressive action, just as a pebble falling in a body of water starts a rippling circle outward, which, though unperceived in its journey, will end only where no water is to respond in undulations - where there is no element in which its action can be registered.

Knowledge of metaphysical principles is equally important to every member of the human family: for the comfort, even the continuance of the physical life of each one here, is certain some day to hinge upon the understanding of some one or more of the universal principles which are common to the life of every individual.

Principles are no respecters of persons, but they teem with the goodness of life, which is equally free to every living soul as is the light and warmth of the noonday sun. Each has but to rightly seek, in order to find and be able to lawfully appropriate his unlimited share of the inexhaustible supply of Universal Reality.

One living water of good perpetually bubbles forth from the eternal fountain of essential reality. Realization gives possession.


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