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Potency of Metaphysics in Surgery


Does Mental Healing Claim to Replace Surgery? The relation of the subject of Metaphysical Healing to the practice of surgery in regard to its possible efficiency in cases of physical injury, is a question which frequently arises. The most common opinion is that in cases of a physical nature, mental influence must be inoperative, because it is not supposed either that mind was in any way involved in the affair that caused the injury, or that it can have any influence on the present physical condition. Some entirely erroneous opinions on this subject are frequently expressed by those who have not been correctly informed either with regard to the scope of mental action, or the position in which metaphysicians stand on the question.

The opinion seems to be somewhat prevalent that to affirm a mental cure is to proclaim a miracle.

This thought sometimes leads to the conclusion that if the professor is sincere, he must consider himself the possessor of miraculous powers, and it is inferred that he will claim the ability to perform impossible acts, regardless of natural law.

Direct questions repeatedly asked, by people of apparent intelligence, show that the following absurdities are supposed to be entertained by mental healers: 1. If the bone of a limb be fractured, one has only to think it is all right and he can walk or exercise the limb and recover without setting the bone.

2. If one chooses he can with impunity drink his coffee with arsenic instead of sugar, flourishing, meanwhile, on the unnatural diet.

3. If an eye be destroyed he has but to assert that he sees just as well without it as with it, and another eye will grow in the socket.

4. If the carotid artery be severed, thinking will stop the hemorrhage and restore the original condition.

5. If one only thinks so, he can lift a fourstory house as easily as he can lift an orange.

6. The dead may be restored to this life, regardless of the condition of the body.

7. If mind controls the body, one may continue in the present existence forever.

Those who hold these absurdities usually entertain some such notion as that food, drink, air and sleep should be unnecessary to one who has the power to heal through thought, and if he should sneeze, cough, yawn, rest, exercise or enjoy himself in any natural way, he thereby proves himself to be an impostor.

These and kindred absurdities are based upon the one assumption that ability to perform miracles is postulated of the power to heal through act of mind. This notion is without foundation either in reliable metaphysical instruction or practice; the claim never proceeds from a metaphysical mind.

No class of thinkers have a deeper appreciation of the importance of natural law in human experience than rightly trained metaphysicians, whose entire study is of law and principle.

What might be done through sufficient information with regard to all the higher principles of the universe, is not the most important question for immediate consideration, but rather, what may be accomplished here and now, through accessible knowledge of' universal laws. This is the problem which metaphysicians are called upon to solve for the immediate good of suffering humanity. When this has been accomplished, and the knowledge concentrated for effective action, higher dgrees of understanding may 4 properly be aspired to, and will then be comprehended; but, he who leaps for the top round of the ladder first is apt, in falling short, to become tangled among the rungs nearer the ground which were at first ignored, but would better have been used as a foundation for sure climbing.

Everything that actually takes place under any circumstances is proved natural by the fact that it does take place, and it prevails only because of the existence of perfectly natural laws of that kind and quality. The investigator who neglects study of those laws will fail in every trying position.

If an act seems to be supernatural, it is only because this is the observer's first conscious experience with the law involved; when he becomes acquainted with its modes of action, its seemingly supernatural character will vanish, and it will receive suitable classification with nature's legitimate transactions.

There are no miracles; - the word is a misnomer. That which occurs in lines of action beyond present comprehension of natural law, has been called a miraculous act, and supposed to have been performed without regard to either universal laws or principles.

Any act, however simple, seems a miracle until accounted for by natural law; that instant its miraculous character vanishes. Our electric light would seem supernatural to an inhabitant of darkest Africa, unacquainted with the laws of electricity; yet to us it is a simple fact, easily accounted for on a natural plane of lawful activity.

If it be proved that an entirely new kind of power has been recently exerted, producing action hitherto unaccounted for, therefore impossible by any known law of activity, then the very fact that it has occurred at once establishes this mode of action as one of the existing laws of the universe, not previously recognized, perhaps, but a law nevertheless, else it could not have been in action.

If we say this is not law, but a special act performed without dependence upon, and contrary to law, we thereby postulate a lawless operator, destitute of principle, and in the ultimate, devoid of Being; because if there is no law in an action there is no principle behind it, and if no principle no Being; for Being is the Essential Principle of the universe and of everything in it. Without principle, neither Being, nor act of Being, is conceivable, in the light of the true meaning of both terms.

Continued investigation invariably demonstrates the natural character of every divine act. When the thinker masters the details of that species of activity, with the mechanism sufficient for its manipulation, he has at his own command the once miraculous power. Thus that which yesterday was considered miraculous or supernatural, is today perfectly natural and may be lucidly explained - while that which today still seems a miracle, tomorrow perhaps, will be recognized as the simplest of nature's playful acts.

Knowledge of the laws of Being shows all possible action to be natural, because it proceeds from the laws themselves; therefore no power whatever can be exerted by any intelligence, save through the action of some law, in expression of the quality of some one of the Principles of Being.

The real part of every Entity is its Principle. Only this can act at any time or for any purpose. A principle can act only by expressing its Quality, and this in turn can be accomplished only through the Law which exists for that purpose; therefore all expression of the quality of any principle must be, and invariably is, natural lawful action. With adequate comprehension of the principles involved, the true character of the act will be recognized.

The fact is, that Nature - Universal Mind - has yet in store myriads of modes of natural action and innumerable degrees of power, with which the human individual is as yet unacquainted. Man has been gradually learning these ways and the laws thereof, from the beginning. At every period he has considered all visible action that was beyond his comprehension, as the result of miraculous intervention in a supernatural manner on the part of some superhuman being. This is the history of the growth

of human comprehension in all, ages and among all classes.

Many laws of action in the universe, that were formerly unknown, are now understood; consequently, many acts have become possible to the human mind that were impossible before the acquirement of that knowledge. Mental healing is one of the advanced degrees of power that has developed from this understanding - the Knowledge and the Power go hand in hand. The same laws are involved in all conditions, both mental and physical, though the details of action are different.

The knowledge which gives power to heal diseased conditions, also makes it possible to relieve all unnatural conditions. In surgical cases distinct results may be produced by the removal of mental distress, fear, anxiety, worry, grief, pain and every degree of agitation, all of which are obstructions to nature's restorative processes and help to delay recovery. By no means the least of these results is the power to remove the particular impression of fear, fright, and mental or nervous shock which was pro duced at the time of the accident, and which frequently delays recovery because it continues active subconsciously in the mind of the patient, regardless of memory.

Mental assistance in quieting fear is legitimate metaphysical work, which is in some degree valuable in every surgical case. Mental Healing readily accomplishes this result, frees the mind of agitation and restores natural action in every part of the system, by removing mental obstructions to recovery, thereby rendering to nature the only advantageous assistance possible.

Under right mental conditions bones knit more rapidly and firmly, flesh heals in a fraction of the time usually claimed to be necessary, and scars are less prominent because of rapid natural activity during the healing process. Fever is reduced or avoided in both pulse and temperature, and suppura tion is reduced to the minimum of natural restorative process. Liability to blood poisoning is also lessened; in fact, it is an unheard of complication, when pure metaphysical influence can be exerted unobstructed, because all the forces of natural mental control of every minute part, organ and function of the human system, are brought to bear, through the patient's own mind, in superconscious action, to remove every obstruction, establish healthy action, and build new tissue with perfect atoms and healthy molecules of material.

Through the influence of mental treatment based upon a correct understanding of metaphysical principles, natural sleep is readily established, while appetite, digestion and assimilation are invariably better than under the influence of drug medication. The sensation of pain is always kept at the lowest degree possible; frequently, even in severe cases, it is entirely removed and avoided. Under favorable circumstances the ultimate of these results may be produced. They are not in any sense miraculous, but are perfectly natural results of mental action established through clear understanding of the laws of life.

It is not yet within the scope of mental action to set a broken bone of important size, which is so far displaced that mechanical appliance is necessary for support. In such event, a competent surgeon is required to properly reduce the fracture, and to splint and ligate, so that the bones cannot leave their natural position; otherwise nature has no power to repair the injury. This work is purely mechanical and absolutely necessary. In similar cases severe physical injury to tissue may require the same aid. The muscular system, however, is more directly under control of mental action, and many surprising results in changing muscular conditions are readily produced by thought influences.

' The surgeon has the mechanical knowledge required to properly set the bones, cleanse, ligate, stitch, secure and make outwardly comfortable the injured parts, and to see that suitable cleansing and mechanical repairing are properly attended to until recovery, but that is the extent of his field of action. He cannot direct the placing of a single atom in reconstruction - he can only make the patient fairly comfortable and wait for Nature to do the rest.

Now the Nature which restores tissue is Universal Mind in superconscious activity; her laws are the laws of mind and her methods are mental actions. Through his knowledge of these methods and laws, so far as yet acquired, the rightly educated metaphysician readily reaches the case, removes obstructions, and assists in establishing natural action. No human power can do more, or do it in any better way. The only advancement possible lies in the increase of knowledge, and metaphysicians are laboring earnestly to add to the present store of information.

Nature's ways are the ways of life, health, strength, comfort and happiness. The active force of Nature is the Universal Mind, which is always alive and always strong in the activity of Spirit. Spiritual Intelligence is the active principle of every individual mind.

The Soul of the universe is one magnificent unit of essential principle. The Life of the universe .is one grand whole of active law. By exercise of the divine faculty of intelligent comprehension, each individual may share all the innate good of both these universal realities.

To some it seems easier to accept the opinions of others than to directly investigate facts. Indolence fosters ignorance; ignorance begets superstition; superstition stultifies every comprehensive faculty, and man thereby becomes a mere machine, moving only when some outer agency works the treadle. In this position he is a fit subject for the miracle theory, which seems little better than an attempt to evade the fact that nature is continually pushing fresh facts and deeper truths before the human intellect for recog nition. These facts must be freely investigated by each individual or he is sure to be overwhelmed by the continual accumulation of evidences of the infinite and eternal activities of the universe.

The elation of selfsatisfied opinion proves a stumblingblock to many an 'otherwise brilliant intellect, and the circle of selflimitation, which some draw in space, temporarily closes the door of the soul to the most limpid truths of the universe. No greater mistake than this could possibly be made.

There is no one so learned that he need know no more - none so wise that he cannot be advantageously instructed. There is no man whose greatness may inclose the universe, and none so powerful but that a lack of understanding of some everactive fundamental law of his own being may trip him in the midst of his triumph. There is space beyond every boundary line, and all space is occupied by something real and true. The principle of Truth is ubiquitous.

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