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The Common Ground of Healing Methods


Why do Conflicting Theories Heal? If the theory that a mental picture is the cause of sickness be true, why is it that those who pay no conscious attention to these pictures, even in mental practice, but believe quite differently with regard to the nature and cause of disease, also produce cures? This important point should be lucidly explained. All evidence established during accurate examination of the subject, invariably goes to support the theory that the Imaging faculty of mind is involved in every cause and in every cure of disease, regardless of the external means employed.

In the first place, every Case of disease yet brought forward for examination in metaphysical practice, has exhibited well established mental impressions, or pictures in mind, that bear direct 14 correspondence to the disease, in character, quality and form.

In the second place, many people have thoroughly tried all other methods of cure, including those of the various mental schools, without permanent help. Yet, on the discovery and removal from mind of corresponding pictures, they have recovered, sometimes almost immediately.

Many schools of practice exist in all parts of the world, varying in theory from extremely material views to the highest spiritual ideas. Each of these schools produces cures. All cannot be entirely correct in theory unless the Life and Being of man is a most discordant mixture, with no sure foundation illogical, inconsistent and unreal. Neither philosophy nor science points to such a conclusion.

The fact that all schools produce cures, suggests that there may be a common Law of Activity, capable of being called into action without full consciousness of the process, which action, if established, will result in a cure regardless of the means employed. If so, that Law is discoverable, and when fully comprehended will prove universal in application.

Some people recover while taking medicine; and the cure seems to have been effected by direct action of the medicine itself. This usually adds strength to the opinion that the disease was an actual physical thing, and that the medicine prescribed waS the particular ingredient which Nature intended as a remedy for that disease. This opinion is frequently entertained regardless of the fact that the list of remedies named by the schools as Nature's real curative substances is changed every two or three decades - in fact, is constantly changing.

While one person takes medicine and recovers, another, equally sick in the same way, turns to the Faith Cure, and recovers without any physical application of the socalled nature's remedy. Another prays by himself, without the aid of a special organization; he also recovers with no other sensible means than his own effort to attract the attention of a healing power. Others perform some ceremonious act; wear an amulet, or carry a souvenir - perhaps a horsechestnut in the pocket, or a bean, or a stone. All of these methods produce cures to prove their efficiency. No one, however, explains these results satisfactorily to those who are inclined to think and to investigate for the sake of knowledge. Why is it possible to obtain approximately the same result through widely different means? While some are cured by faith, others go unre lieved in spite of the same agency. This, also, may truly be asserted of Medicine in all of its schools and branches. Why is it that all schools heal some cases, while none of them succeed with all curable cases of any given malady? The following tenets of theory are believed to be indisputable: 1. If there is but one true theory with regard to the cause and development of disease, then there can be but one true principle of cure.

2. If there exists only one true way to heal the sick, then all methods differing from that one must be developed from false theories through mistaken ideas.

3. A false theory contains no power for the direct healing of disease, because falsity is devoid of principle, and without principle there can be no law, consequently no power for action.

4. If the real cause of disease is manysided, so that sickness comes through channels bearing no direct relation to one another, then no single line of action and no one means of cure can reasonably be expected to apply in all cases. In that event no school, confining its efforts to one principle of cure, has exclusive right to the treatment of disease.

5. Disease may be many in its particulars, yet only one in its nature; in which Case the true Theory of cause as well as of cure must be the same for all forms of sickness; each separate kind being a part only of the one nature, and each particular application a mode of employing the one healing power.

The facts underlying these tenets may be concentrated as follows: If there be one fundamental Character to all disease, there also must be one fundamental Cause, of which local causes are only branches. In that event, one theory of cure will be the foundation of all true curative influence.

Examine, for a moment, the apparent facts in the various methods of treatment and their common results: Under analysis, the different schools of practice resolve into two common classes: On the one hand, those holding that disease is physical, and of the body only, and following a theory of herb, drug or chemical medication; and on the other, those believing disease to be a condition of the mind and susceptible of mental cure. There are branches to each of these schools which deviate from the pure theories and somewhat confuse methods, but the main idea of each school with regard to the nature, cause and cure of sickness is adhered to by each branch. It is indis putable that both these schools perform cures in all their branches; therefore, curative action is not confined to any one school, method or means. The vital question is, How is the cure performed? Is it physical in one Case and mental in the other? If so, then both mind and matter have independent power for action. Is there any common ground on which advocates of both these theories can meet, examine facts, and prove that both produce results through the same laws? When rightly studied, one common element is found in every form of disease, namely: Discordant Action. Without this no disease can develop. It seems certain, therefore, that there must exist one line of activity for all causes of disease - a line which corresponds to the discordant action involved. This must be either physical or mental; it can not be both, and still be only one activity. No activity can operate on other than its own plane; therefore, both the cause and cure of any disease must be of the same order.

Are all these cures physical? Emphatically no ! Those wrought in the various mental schools are mainly in cases where no physical remedies were employed. To state that because the patient recovered without medicines, it is proved there was nothing the matter, is to confess complete ignorance of mental action and its established facts. In the physician's case, it frequently means refuting his own diagnosis - sometimes a diagnosis based upon consultation with eminent authorities.

Are all cures performed mentally? At first thought this also seems impossible, for in many cases medicines were administered under medical treatment and the patients recovered.

During impartial examination of the subject, one important fact always appears: While in many cases treated mentally no physical means were employed, and there was no material agency to which the cure could possibly be attributed, yet in every Case treated physically, the factors of mind and mental action were undeniably present in some important degree. The physician had hope, and confidence in his own ability. The patient also had hope and probably considerable confidence, with growing expectation which finally reached the point of mental realization of a cure - a most potent factor. Others, perhaps, took part in this superconscious mental action, thus contributing to the aggregate of courage, confidence, hope and realization of recovery. In all ages and among all classes of people instances have been recorded where a mother has held out against the most decided assurance of the physician that her child was sick unto death, and that no human power could save its life; and by sheer force of mental determination she has held its little life above and safe from the mental danger which then overshadowed it because of false beliefs with regard to the supposed fatal powers of disease. Every such victory demonstrates beyond question that a power rests in mind which can overthrow disease and conquer death, even on the plane of determined will - by no means the most powerful plane of mental action. Why should not mankind have the full benefit of knowledge pertaining to that power? In all similar cases, the body is controlled by mind, each mind assisting the other, perhaps not consciously, but with effective results. If no one, either present or absent, has any hope, confidence or realization of life and health, and if no correct mental action be established on any of the three planes of consciousness, material science proves of no avail.

With the larger number of cases treated successfully by mental methods, physical means of cure is out of the question, and mental activity is the only factor involved; while in medical treatment there invariably is mental action as well as physical means, and both appear as possible factors in the cure, until each is adequately examined.

It is a wellknown fact that where no mental action is involved, medicine does not operate. No physician would attempt to medicate a lifeless body. Life must be present, with mind active in some degree, on some one of the three planes of consciousness, or no effect can be produced by medicine. Without life there is no action; without consciousness there is no life, and without mind there' is no consciousness on this plane of living action.

When these facts are carefully weighed, it seems reasonable to suppose that the mental plane of action, which is invariably involved in every Case of either a cause or a cure, may be the plane on which the curative act is always performed. If this be so it follows that in all methods, excepting the purely mental, which relies upon no other means, the cure must have been effected through a mental action established without conscious recognition.

This we claim is the underlying fact of all methods of cure - Medical, Chemical and Electrical, by Water, Rest, Travel, Change, Massage, Color, Music, Prayer, Faith or Superstition. With each a mental factor is subconsciously involved in the operation, and if for any reason that action is not established, there is no cure in that case.

The faithhealer of the Church will not attempt a cure unless the patient on his own account has faith that the Supreme Being is about to perform a special act for his good. This is distinctly a mental act of realization of a cure. The competent physician is reluctant, and may even refuse, to treat a patient who doubts his ability, or lacks sufficient confidence to establish what is really a mental realization of a cure in his own case; thus, perhaps unconsciously, demanding faith as imperatively as does the faithcurist. If the disease be purely physical, and the medicines are the true remedies, possessing independent power for direct action on the disease itself, regardless of mental action, why should any degree of faith or confidence be necessary or even an important factor? In every Case of this kind the patient is thrown upon his own responsibility to cure himself. The external means operate advantageously only because they serve as a medium to arouse the required amount of confidence. Both mental and physical schools fail with many cases where cures would be effected if the real laws involved in both cause and cure were sufficiently understood by their practitioners.

The teachings of all Schools of Mental Healing train students in the application pf thought to a given purpose, along lines which result in a change of the dominant Idea, and the change is from that which generates a picture of discord to such as will inevitably result in harmony and health. This mental change may be effected by the thought of another, regardless of conscious thought on the part of the patient; in which event a cure is effected not only independent of his faith in it, but even against extreme incredulity. This fact has repeatedly been proved in the cases of persons who, through avowed scepticism, refused treatment, yet were treated and permanently cured without their own knowledge or consent; also in the cases of children and others, not responsible for their own decisions, and with the demented, who could not be reasoned with about their condition. These facts are now of daily occurrence.

Mental pictures capable of causing disease may be formed by any wrong process of thought. The moral plane of action contains important factors of this sort. Recognizing this, some advocates of Mental Healing .erroneously attribute all sickness to direct sinful act.

Whatever thought forms a picture not in accordance with the real laws of life, becomes the cause of some degree of sickness which will come to the surface in due time. Immoral thoughts, as surely as accidental happenings, form erroneous pictures, which establish discordant modes of action. In either event, the most effectual application of principle through thought, is such as will enable the operator to discover the particular picture formed in that mind, and to change the mental action to a better mode by placing higher objects before the understanding. This not only cures the disease, but brings about the needful reform. This result can be accomplished only through the Imaging faculty of Mind, and with universal success, only through the highest act of Imagination - the Imaging of real Ideas.

If those mental healers, of any school, who suppose that they produce results independent of mental pictures, will closely examine their method of procedure in applying mental treatment, it will become apparent that the process of thought which comprises treatment, whether it be a continued train or an instantaneous flash of thoughtactivity, operates through the Imagination, in Mental Imagery, and produces the desired result only by changing action in the patient's mind, thereby removing a picture of disturbing nature and substituting one that is harmonious in character.

The activities of mind are so subtle that these pictures frequently are changed superconsciously, without either party concerned being aware of the circumstance.

While some thoughtactivities are slow in their procedure, others result in an instantaneous change of mental pictures. Without a mental picture there can be no thinking process, and without a change of mental picture there can be no change of thought. Therefore, if no mental picture be either removed or replaced, no cure will be effected. There can be no deviation from this universal law of mental action in the life of individuals.

Some people are ill because pictures of wrong thoughts have been harbored until false action has become temporarily established. Any process of thought, whether instantaneous or continued, sufficient to eradicate that wrong mental action and establish a right mode instead, will cure that case. In the Case of others, the sickness is caused by particular mental pictures of injury, of death, or some form of fear not necessarily associated with immoral actions. These cases can be cured permanently only by erasing the particular pictures which caused the special symptoms.

Treating solely along moral lines, on the theory that only sin causes sickness, will never efface a picture of fright; and although treatment applied, on general principles, might act to modify mental action, and thereby render temporary relief, still there is a feature of chance in the attempt, and the ultimate result is decidedly uncertain. But the process of

erasing the particular picture of discord, whether it be generated by immorality in sinful thought, by fright, or by the two combined, must invariably result in a permanent cure - and this regardless of direct faith or expectation on the part of either patient or operator. Through such application of principles every curable Case may be reached understandingly, leaving nothing either to chance action or subconscious influence.

Neither the range of thought nor the scope of power are in any way limited by giving attention to the special cause. In reality, both are thereby extended; because, by understanding the laws involved in every mode of mental action, direct thought can be applied to all kinds of cases throughout the entire range of mental and spiritual activities. Thus the metaphysician is prepared to deal intelligently with every vicissitude of life.

The deepest principles of Divine Reality are outwardly expressed in the living activities of the intelligence of Man. These activities are consciously exercised, and can be intelligently studied only through the Imaging faculty which, on its various planes of action, enables Man to come in contact with all things real. On the lowest and most outward plane of life the Imaging faculty enables one to recognize forms and objects of sense. On the next higher and more inward plane, through the same faculty, the living soul recognizes laws of action and their accompanying results. On the highest plane, Divine Intelligence, shining through the spiritual nature of the Individual, illumines every faculty, making possible the recognition of principles through pure imaging of real Ideas. Perfect exercise of the Imaging faculty, therefore, will develop the best modes of action in every stage of progress, and eventually lead to the highest conceptions possible to the human mind, culminating in purest spiritual perceptions of fundamental truths. This is an attainment possible for every intelligent individual. The value of the means leading to so high an end cannot be overestimated.

Knowledge of the Universe is within the grasp of every one who learns to properly exercise this wonderful faculty, for within human comprehension there exists no limit to its action.

One who ignores Universal Law thereby limits his powers and, subconsciously, confines his efforts within narrow bounds; while he who recognizes the law, and conforms to it in every instance, searching for and obliterating the harmful picture in each case, succeeds with all classes. The scientific application of curative mental influence lies entirely in this direction.

The Principles of Being are involved in every moral question, and are expressed in all the laws of active life. These laws are the instruments which must be employed in conscious thought to produce right results. When thoroughly understood, all laws of life are recognized in the Unity of the one Principle of Being. ONE is the Principle and the Law of all Reality, and one Law applies to all.

In Eternal Principle all things are whole.

The necessarily limited scope of this work will not admit of extended consideration of the subject of Metaphysical Healing through all its interesting and instructive phases. Enough, perhaps, has been said to explain the general ground of the philosophy of thought involved, and to illustrate the practical application of metaphysical principles to the healing of disease - which is all that has been attempted.

This work is not intended as an argumentative treatise, but rather it is a necessarily limited presentation of a subject of great depth, containing knowledge of which humanity is in urgent need. The cases cited in the preceding chapters are not intended as proofs to those who have had no similar experience, but simply as illustrations of the modes of action through which results are obtainable.

Similar illustrations any intelligent individual may trace out for himself in the experiences of those around him. Marked exemplifications of the fact that a given Case of sickness was preceded by a mental disturbance closely resembling the abnormal physical condition, will frequently be met with in such investigations. Careful study of the subject will prove to each inquirer what the illustrations given here prove only to those who were interested in their development.

These are by no means either the most remarkable correspondences between cause and effect, or the best results in healing that have been effected. Many who read these pages will recall cases of a more marked character which have been permanently cured. Those here presented have been selected with a view to a clear tracing, in lines which can easily be followed by those unfamiliar with the theory, and also as cases showing a single symptom resting upon a single cause, because such afford plainer examples of the working of the laws. Complicated cases which usually exhibit more wonderful phases of mental action have been excluded, because they are more difficult to understand. There is, however, a superabundance of such cases on record, and they clearly illustrate almost every phase of mental activity in its relationship to physical action.

• In every Case of the kind thus far treated, the following facts have been conclusively established: 1st. The particular mental picture, which by reflection produced the physical symptom, was not formed until its causative Image of fear or emotion entered the activity of that mind. The action proceeds as follows: (a) The Image of fear of personal harm, first formed in mind.

(b) The Picture of the exact details of the anticipated injury.

At this point the general Image and the special Picture merge into one form of mental activity, and, uniting in reflected physical action, they become the direct Cause of the Disease eventually generated by that action.

2d. The Disease did not appear until after the corresponding Mental Picture was definitely formed; sometimes not until years had elapsed.

3d. The disturbance continued with more or less intensity until the Image of fear was identified and its element of discord mentally removed.

The circumstances of life sometimes cause an Image to lie dormant in mind, and its physical reflection to remain practically inactive for a time, but it is likely to be aroused at any moment by a predisposing circumstance. The individual is never safe until this Image has been removed. As soon as the Image is erased the disease begins to yield, and it finally disappears altogether, with greater or less rapidity, according to the individual circumstances of the case. Some conditions require hours, and some days; while other cases, equally curable, require weeks or months for natural mental action to become fully expressed in thoroughly rejuvenated physical tissue throughout the entire system. If the right mental action be established and continued, however, a natural healthy physical condition must eventually result.

The facts of cure expressed in these cases are considered as evidence of the existence of definite laws which, for the good of humanity, should be studied until they can be universally applied. It is idle to attempt to put them aside with the plea that "what has been, is good enough for us."The human family is overburdened with fear and disease. The former can not be dealt with medically; the latter assumes many hitherto incurable forms, because of which men live in terror and die in anguish.

The application of thought to a given Case for a definite purpose, with intelligent understanding of certain laws of activity which underlie that particular case, has already been proved a power for good, without the possibility of harmful complications. Mental Healing, therefore, is a blessing to suffering humanity. For these reasons its advent is hailed with joy by those who wish to see humanity benefited, and every intelligent thinker who comes rightly into its understanding must in some measure recognize its importance. The greater the intelligence, the more prompt and responsive the recognition.

"Metaphysics " - The Science of the Real Life of Being - is already well established as the true philosophy of life, and is bound to gain ground even more rapidly as its principles become better known. Its healing efficiency will also increase in power and scope as knowlege of the application of thought to the manifold experiences of life becomes extended. With time for suitable growth of understanding, through extended research and universal demonstration, this knowledge will raze from the field of human life that monstrous structure of physical disease, with its thousands of terrifying names - all devised in the schools. Then may we calmly view the merr; c.r.nee of joy held over the remains of the last school which teaches that man is mainly a chemical receptacle, and that the only way to reach the inner recesses of his being with a remedy is through his mouth, while the only element that can "scientifically "give him health and extend the period of his life, is some vile ingredient possessing only deadly qualities."Life"brought to man in the vessel of death frequently proves to be but the dregs from the cup of the unwelcome messenger. A deadly drug contains no life: the belief that it does is a fatal illusion.

The facts of Metaphysical understanding do not rest upon statement alone; they can be intelligently examined by means of results which are of daily occurrence, and are constantly increasing both in number and in scope, and any individual who enters upon the examination will find himself in a numerous and thoroughly respectable company.

It is claimed that Metaphysical Healing is a right and reasonable means of relieving suffering humanity of its burden of medically incurable diseases, and it is hoped that the facts here presented may lead to careful individual investigation. Unprejudiced inquiry certainly will prove the justice of the claim.

No one is expected to believe, simply because it is asserted, any statement which from his standpoint seems unreasonable; but each is asked to suspend judgment until opportunity is found for adequate examination of the subject, and then to examine impartially for his own sake and that of those dear to him. Under intelligent scrutiny, facts will be disclosed and truth realized for permanent good. The only Elixir for the perfect healing of the nations lies in a pure understanding and a right application of Metaphysical Principles, which belong to everybody and are free to all. They are never written upon a sheepskin; simply to understand is the only diploma required for either authority or power.

Believing or disbelieving either what others say, or what at first thought seems right or wrong from one's own point of view, will not necessarily result in the acquirement of knowledge of real Truth. Only patient, painstaking examination of the subject, without fixed preconceived opinions on the Ideas to be dealt with, can reveal the actual facts. Through idle argument alone no one can be rightly convinced. Proofs rest within individual comprehension, and must be acquired at the fountainhead.

In lines of action similar to those explained in the previous chapters, Discordant mental emotion underlies every known disease. Though at first sight many of the modes are intricate, and difficult for the untrained mind to conceive, yet they are clearly explainable.

All the knowledge acquired from the books and professors of all the Medical Schools in the world leaves the student still ignorant of this vital pathological fact. The deepest learning and the greatest skill, derived from the experiences of a lifetime spent with the numerous sciences included in a medical education, leave their professor still helpless as an infant to deal with these mental causes of disease. Yet, every practicing physician is constantly surrounded with cases parallel to these, and every patient who appeals for aid is suffering from some picture of distress, which would readily yield to mental influence, rightly applied at the real seat of the trouble.

This explains the fact that so many cases classed as hopeless are found upon the list of every prominent medical practitioner. Such cases are readily cured by any one possessing sufficient knowledge of the laws involved in Mental Causes to obtain a correct mental diagnosis and to give adequate mental treatment based upon real metaphysical principles. Detailed knowledge of the physical body and of socalled physical disease is no more necessary to the effectual performance of such a cure than detailed knowledge of brushmaking is necessary to the portrait painter.

The results already accomplished can no longer be denied while we retain the capacity for intelligent recognition of facts in the Universe, neither can they be explained under the laws of the physical sciences; therefore they demand, and in time will receive, due attention from scientific thinkers. The Metaphysical then will be recognized as the true platform of the Physical, where all thinkers may stand, and think, and work in unison for the good of all, for the truth in all, and for the eternal right that inheres in every living atom of the boundless Universe of Reality.

All the minds of living men combined do not yet know all that is taking place in the universe or on this earth - not even in a grain of sand, much less in the intricate affairs of human life.

Unyielding prejudice is a millstone hanging about the neck of the modern materialist, and he is bound to go down with it unless he cuts loose through free investigation of facts. Truth can not be strangled, and facts will not remain underground.

The one eternal fact of existence is the progressive action of real life, a perpetually revolving wheel of active law, at every turn of which fresh facts are brought to the surface, exposing to view principles of value to every individual. If we are withstanding the eternal advancement of Universal Law, we must expect to be engulfed in the spiritual wave of progress which is now surging through the soul of intelligent man, cleansing his faculties of every obstructive influence and purifying every purpose.

Life is action, and action is progress. He who ceases to progress, ceases action, eventually crystallizes, and physically ceases to live.

Definite Law is expressed in every real activity, and Principle underlies every law. Through reasonable analysis of Ideas, based upon intelligent understanding, both Principle and Law are accessible to every individual.

Intelligent Understanding is a genuine faculty inherent in the spiritual nature of every human being. Through conscious thought, based upon correct understanding of first principles, any desirable right action may be established by any thinker. When such truth is called into activity by one mind, its unfolding harmonies radiate and spread unrestrained throughout the extent of Universal Mind, eventually leading millions into the field of Intelligent Understanding of Principles, where every spring bubbles over with the health which sparkles in its depth, and every rill dances in the eternal joy of living action.

Thought, is an active spiritual power: Man, its living master.

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