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The Large Carpenter Ant C


THE LARGE CARPENTER ANT (C amponotus herculeanns pennsylvanicus). As distinct from the termite this is a true ant, and like other ants it develops with complete metamorphosis. It seldom attacks sound trees, but does often attack some of those that have been wounded or are diseased, and also, sometimes, attacks woods in construction. McCook states that carpenter ants were responsible for "at least one accident" that occurred in connection with the wooden trestle bridges formerly used by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company.

Ants offer one of the most perfect illustrations of communistic society. The State declares war, provides food, cares for the children, and owns all the property. Patriotism, loyalty, courage, and never-failing try are exhibited. War, pillage, slavery, and disregard for the rights of other communities vail. There are many species of ants, and each one is ized by some peculiarity. Some are road builders; others live in large mounds; and some bore in decayed trees. Most ants tunnel.