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The Basis of Success in Business

Consequently, she aims to perfect her art forever and ever—at the same time keeping herself, by the strictest regimen, physically fit to perform a highly exacting task.

So you see that the secret of her power to thrill an audience is not only musical talent. It is the constant habit of what has been called deep sea thinking.

Exactly these conditions must be demanded of himself by a man in business. His equip ment is twofold : that of the affairs of desk and office, which, like the prima donna's music, is the essential technic; that of the man himself, owner of mind and body that constitute the implement which he, as a thinking, creating in dividual, uses to accomplish his ends.

Though you enter on this work with pride and promise, pride of the place and promise of the results, never fail to keep an eye, the watch ful mental vision, on Shapely, the man of habits.

Every day you report for duty in a dis ordered physical condition your value has fallen like that of stocks in a time of panic. You are not up to par, you are not paying dividends, you are in no position to guarantee profits. What, then, are you worth if you have ten or twenty such days in a year? For the maximum of efficiency you depend upon many simple things, every one of which you must learn by practice and observation to respect and obey.

Your capacity to sell our goods depends upon skill, judgment, knowledge of the busi ness, knowledge of men and their motives.

But it depends as much, or more, on a few other things, so simple that few men take them into account. And in the fact that few men take them into account, we find the reason why in every business or profession there are but few significant types of its highest possibilities.

These simple things are : I. Sleep.

Enough of it always to repair the day's de pletion of the working power of the machine.

The mystery of slipping away from the body at night, and, like the water in a little bay, flowing back to the ocean to be returned again at full tide, fresh and sweet, is a marvelous process. The man who pursues the joys of life and misses the outgoing tide of sleep four nights a week is a body of stagnant water.

II. rood.

Enough of it to stimulate, but not clog the machine.

A hungry boa constrictor is a dangerous rep tile to encounter. But feed it to repletion and it becomes harmless.

III. Habits.

Good ones, plenty of them, to keep the brain cells active.

Business demands the whole man. The whole man must be present and apparent in everything he does ; but no business was ever created that stimulates all of a man's brain cells. Hence : IV. Leisure.

As fine a use of it, in the employment of time it represents and the character of the people you meet, humble or lofty, as keeps the whole man alive.

So you see Shapley, you do not come into the business alone. You are not a single, un hampered individual. You are a firm, and your partners are not silent. They are eternally active.

Sleep—Food—Habits--Leisure and Co. are a hard firm to ignore; terrible enemies when en listed against you, but, on the other hand, they are an insurance company that guarantees you success if you keep to the conditions of the partnership they represent.

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